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Remember when Ludia prioritized balance?

All the monomimius nerfs? In the name if balance.

All the creature stat adjustments? Balance.

Taking away the tenontorex darting event? Arena balance.

What other balance lies have they told us over the last year? Personally I’d like to see them put some pre-nerf stats back in place, with the whole boost nonsense we have now. Make it the total free for all it’s become. Because balance is a thing of the past… or perhaps, extinct?


its still about that, of course, just their account balance.


Hah! Yep. 10

To be fair, it took forever to nerf the Monomimus…and it wasn’t nerfed, it was absolutely gutted.


So now instead if gutting dinos they’re gutting the players who spent the last year creating their teams.


In fairness, we should have known there would probably be issues.

One of the first special events was the AMC event, which gave everyone in the US a level 12 T-Rex and the rest of the world…