Remember when?

I remember when you used to get a token coin award for an ‘outstanding’ dart session. 20 coins. Not much, but it was a nice little touch for a little bit of extra coin.

Then they got rid of it.

Before my time but a nice idea!

Well Ludia seems to need the money so bad.
Imagine you only need something like 40 coins and the only option is to buy a big paket of coins for so much money…
Waiting for the moment when nothing is to win without real money anymore…

Yeah, part of the reason I posted this… the removal of such a small but nice little touch speaks volumes to their attitude toward players.

Well, if we want to be fair with Ludia, since they removed that (I did not see it) they have added:

  • Treasure chests that appear from time to time
  • Assault events that give us extra coins almost every day (in addition to DNA)
  • Daily free incubators after winning 10 matches that also give us coins and DNA.
  • Achievements that provide important sum of convertible notes in coins.
  • Free capsules that do not coin but help (little, but are free) to get more DNA.

I think that all this far exceeds the currencies of those darts. In this case, I do not think that its elimination was due to economic issues, although it is not caused by it either.

Remember when you had to collect batteries or your drone wouldn’t work? Good times (not) :sweat_smile:

This was actually reported as a visual glitch. Don’t believe you actually ever got the coins it just said you did.

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You are right it was only a visual glitch. It would have been a great incentive but since getting more DNA is already a great incentive to make the best possible score each time I guess it’s fine :sweat_smile:

And since this time they give us lot of free coins between chests, towers, free incub…