Remember your families

All of you play JWA

So this is a call to do not neglect your families and real life friends

Some of you can balance this perfectly, others are addicted to this game and neglect their families and especially their children.

This is a call to stop doing this. If you continue, you will regret it in the future. You will loose your loved ones and this will be a tragedy.

Tell me, is spending hours and getting a new hybrid better than spending quality time with your loved ones ?

I hope the answer is no

Game addiction is a real thing and has ruined countless families. Don’t let your family be a statistic. The sad thing is, some may not know they are breaking their family apart by playing this game, until it is too late


Whose behavior triggered this, your family members’ or yours?

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I met people over my time playing their game who basically prefer the game over their children. I found that incredibly saddening so I think awareness needs to be brought to this topic


So your an addict?

@UntouchablesJay , no, not me, I play under 30 minutes a day.

There are people I have encountered who play over 2 hours in a day, This is time, and I hope you agree with me, will be better spent with loved ones.

I can’t even imagine how it is possible for someone to spend this much time on a game rather than with their family, or children or friends.

I find it incredibly heartbreaking and saddening, how someone can treat their loved ones like that

Don’t you ?


I don’t pass judgment on anyone who plays this game, especially related to non-game matters. But this post made me think about how some people spend the majority of their weekend trying to get a good ranking in tournaments. Not that it’s neccesarily the players fault for doing that, just unfortunate that doing well in this game requires that much effort and time.


I agree with you @Mudkipz . That is why I stopped the tournaments entirely and left my alliance. I realised a good prize isn’t worth my time or my family.

And it’s a digital prize as well. Things like this can only bring short term gratification, not true hapiness


You’re so lucky that you don’t need to work or go to school, 40 plus hours a week apart from loved ones is the norm for most people.
Either that or you looking for people to react?

I note your previous post was removed by a moderator here.
I’m surprised your not complaining about censorship and things that seem important to you being swept under a rug?

@UntouchablesJay , you don’t know whether or not I have to work or go to school

But playing this game is separate to working or school
Besides the 40+hours spent in a week working there is time to do other things.

I of course can’t speak for everyone, but there are many people who spend in excess of two hours a day on this game, separate to work or school. That is 1/12 of your day. That is time which I believe would be best spent with family, friends or your loved ones, rather than playing a game

Don’t you agree Jay ?
And if not, why ? I’d value your opinion on this matter very much

(And of course I’m unhappy about the censorship, but what can I do if I get silenced if I were to complain, so I will not)

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So what would you suggest?
You seem to be saying that 30 minutes per day is the correct amount of time to play the game?
Are you saying that Ludia should place restrictions on the amount of time we play for?
What happens if we go over this limit?


2 hours a day is nothing!

I have 3 accounts and spend at least that on each one, every single day and often much more!


Heya Schtemty
Long time no see :slight_smile:

Hiya do I know you from the forum or were we in an alliance together @UntouchablesJay?


No, don’t really care lol

Well my family don’t care about me much, so i choose the game, about some people that choose the game rather than their children, well that’s an ironic but that is their choice.

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Luckily my wife plays.
A couple that plays together, well… dominates.


i havent seen anyone do this but if so they sure have to stop, i limit myself to 45 mins a day max caue my family and dog prioritize over this game.

What is this post…? I dont think anyone prefers this game over family

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Most people I think don’t let a game like this rule over their family and friends. I think this topic is directed at the very minority, and the sad thing is that those in the minority won’t be changed by this topic sadly.

However, as I said most people don’t let it rule over life, so lets let people enjoy the game.

In fairness I find it hard to believe that anyone would truly enjoy this game if they played under 30 minutes a day. Progression would pretty much be non-existent.

Also i’d like to point out that those who do play this game a lot, including those who play hours and hours a day have made many friends in this game and take that friendship to Discord for continued engagement.

So lets not make out that this game is a bad addiction.