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Remembering AMC incubator


just curious how many ppl have been playing since the AMC incubator was around?? By far the best free incubator they ever gave out!!!


It was good one!


I have completely missed it. When was that? I played for two weeks when it was still in beta and then didn’t pick up the game again until mid-Jul this year. :rofl:

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it was the end of june beginning of july…im pretty sure i got mine July 4th


I got the AMC incubator first day, just happened to be working near the theater that day. Got me the t Rex which enabled me to move up one arena. I miss those days, when leveling up or unlocking a good dinosaur meant real progress forward in the arena. Nowadays, I can level up 3 dinos and unlock a new legendary and drop trophies instead of gaining them.


20 free indominus rex dna was nice.


What is AMC incubator???:thinking:


It was a limited run special incubater that one had to enter an AMC movie theater to obtain. It was to promote the movie release

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I was playing since before the AMC incubator. It gave me a Trex which was my first epic. Moved me up from S.S. Arcadia to the jungle. Good times…

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Of course I remember, I got it with u @chase216!! He got TRex, I got Ankylosaurus for my main dino. Wish they would bring something like this around again, maybe a Thanksgiving incubator with some good stuff!!


I think there’s another Jurassic World movie scheduled for 2019 or 2020, maybe there will be another special incubator then

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I hope by then, we’ll have something along the lines of a Trykodiorajasuchodactyl !!


I can’t even imagine what that would look like :joy_cat:


Bear-o-dactyl. Is the pre-historic honey badger.

I also loved and miss the AMC incubator.


I called out of work “sick” on the first day of the AMC incubator lol.
Totally worth it. I remember, that was also the day I unlocked Tany. Back then I didn’t really know how to play the game, so that incubator also taught me about Zones.


Would be nice to have this actions global and not just North America

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I drive two hours to go to the closest AMC only to find out it didn’t have one. Then drove another two hours to one that had it and two more hours to get home. Loaded up on tons of steg dna along the way.