Rememering the good old days

Remember when you could get all rare and common non-hybrids from Battle stages?


I remember when you could just spam decorations and buildings. Maybe you still can and I just don’t know how?


I remember you could keep restarting the game to refresh the infinite battle stage pack until it turned to a legendary.

And when we could trade just about anything for a good amount of bucks.


I remember when Argentinosaurus’ head model looked less like a snake and was more small and round

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I remember this, was so easy to level up by just clicking on JH statue and then spam clicking the ground until your coins run out


I remember when dinosaurs had stars depending on their rarity. I remember when we had to feed a dinosaur, if memory serves me right, 5 times to level up a dinosaur once. I remember when we could exit the app when in a fight just after we saw what our opponent went for so we could “cheat” the game. I remember when pyroraptor first came out.

I always liked those stars for rarity, common started out with none, and legendary started out with 3. I wonder why they removed it. I am glad they removed having to feed 5 times per level though, that was a good change

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It was four times per feed, I remember starting out with 10k food or something low like that. Now when you start a new game you start with like 150k. I remember feeling shocked at how over powered indom was when it came out. It had like four times the stats of the T-Rex(best creature back then). Then came priotrodon and ostaphosaurus, I went crazy when I found that they were better than Indom and Koolasaurus respectively. Also remember when the AI in the infinite battle stages and Live Arena used to have access to unreleased creatures? That’s how many tournament creatures were leaked. The best thing i love they changed is VIP. LPs used to be called VIP points and the solid gold packs only cost 5k VIP points. All the special shiny creatures were locked behind a paywall though. The mosasaurus tournament… shudder. The OG mosa pack had like 2k bucks per card or something crazy though

When it came out I remember people getting legendary hybrids for like 40-60 million coin. I got a koolasaurus once when it just came out for 49 million coin.