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Reminders of suggestions for the game

I’m sure we’ve discussed these before, but I’d really like to re-throw out a few requests…

  1. Please update the clan battle log so we can see it by player rather than by time, or add a toggle switch to go between the two views. It’s really cumbersome at the end of an alpha trying to figure out who still has bolts left.
  2. Please add a feature so we can easily and in one place see a count of all our scales. I’m trying to save up my 3 star scales for when I get dupes of my 5 star dragons, but since they’re not that far along, I have no idea how many 3 star scales I actually have.
  3. Please please please put the level 15 back to level 10 or 12.
  4. Please return the eggs to the rarity quests!!! Eggs are our number 1 limiting resource right now and to up our need for them and reduce our access to them is just mean. I’m drowning in coins and fish but get stuck having to forego those rewards just to do 15 egg quests in a row to collect enough eggs to keep up with all the hatch 15\level 15s.
  5. Please check\increase the odds for fancy sheep from flight club duty chests. Before the update, I was getting them fairly regularly, but have literally only gotten 2 since the update.
  6. Please return alpha chests to the rewards that we were seeing before the update. Our new level 9 chests are literally giving half the scales of our previous level 7 chests, 1 less sheep and no runes in return for trust points for a dragon that not many people are all that excited about.

I know all that is a lot to ask, but these are things your players have been begging for. Please consider :blush:


I also want to add: we need to get all colors of sheeps in the sheep’s quests instead of getting just one 3*, resources, and one 4*( and not all players can get that 4* sheep),we need sheeps to level up our dragons quickly,especially those who have high level dragons which costs a lot of fish to level up their dragons, sheeps will help a lot.

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I very much agree! The sheep quests should be to gain sheep, not coins and fish

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It would be great to add the second spot for breeding

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Yes! A second breeding slot would be extremely helpful, especially since 4 & 5s take so long. I’d actually use that upgrade rather than the later hatchery upgrades that take ridiculous amounts of resources…


Like @Mama_Fury said, give us a place where we can check our scale amount without having to have specific color dragons at specific stars.

I‘ve got a big issue with keeping track of my 3 star scales – I‘m already collecting them for my (event) 5 star dragons that are mostly stuck at 3 stars at the moment (dupes missing of course, but next trust event will come) and I‘d like to have a possibility to see how many scales I have to decide if a scale quest is worth a restart. I stopped restarting recently and rather save my runes because I‘ve got absolutely no idea anymore how many scales of which color I have, could be 2 as well as 8.