Remove 10 DNA fuse from the game

xxx/250 to unlock a unique… the closer you get to 250, the higher the odds of rolling a 10? Sure seems that way.

“10” does nothing but add insult to injury. Even if you played with the %-to-roll values… it wouldn’t ‘feel’ as bad if the base value were 20…


Meh, I’d only ask that when fusing for Uniques (especially with Exclusive DNA), the chances of getting a 10 in a fuse are lower.


4 years to late.

Next. :partying_face:


getting a ** 10 fuse * when upgrading your dinosaur is a part of the game, logistically when you look at the ALGORITHM of the game in general getting 10 fuses actually works out in the long run of average shots per dinosaur or per fuse of a particular dinosaur.

If everyone got fuses of 20 or more per fusing shot then the onflowing algorithm that controls / runs the game would eventually crash and burn in quite a spectacular fashion algorithms run as a sequence of numbers generated by an underlying program that then translates into a working / functional program or game as the case may be depending on which lines of data code have been inserted into that particular algorithm so that the program runs not only smoothly but efficiently as well.

Face facts a 10 fuse is and always will be an integral part of the game no matter whether it is JWA, Jurassic World: the game or any other game that LUDIA is currently running or has in operation at any one time, The algorithm or random number generator as it is more commonly known is a part of the core of almost 99.9% of games available across the entire planet today because without a fully functional algorithm you have nothing. zip, nada, zilch, zero ! .

A 10 FUSE will always be with us for many years to come as the game steadily but surely upgrades itself into a more fluid stream that will eventually work 50 times, 100 times or even 500 times better and more efficient than it does today… it is a part of life we have come to accept in games like JWA.
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For you, perhaps.

And it’s “too”.


Uh sure. Getting a 20 (min) on every fuse would break the game, because there’s no way you could devise an algorithm that could handle that.

I’m a lowly mech engineer, but even I could pull that off.

Love the verbosity though.


Seen this argument too many times, will repeat my previous statement.

Say this happens. Give it 6 months, forum is flooded with “20 fuses are too low” polls, posts, rants etc.

10 is perfectly fine, the game is supposed to be played more to unlock stuff. Is it frustrating? Yes. But if its raised, the exact same issue will arise. Keep fusing as it is, one of the few we’ll balanced things that has only been improved with time


That’s a logical deduction, considering the "flooding"of posts suggesting this now.

My guy, you clearly weren’t around about a year and a half ago. Easily 10 of these being shut down a day with people arguing over fusing

Well, I haven’t made an ‘argument’ yet… merely a suggestion but we’ll change that now.

Yes. I am somewhat new to the game, having played it for ~3 months now. My perspective is also that of a new player and JWA is going on 4 years, trying to retain and possibly attract more players.

Every game has an initial build-up with barriers to game content. The problem arises when you don’t relax some of these barriers. What you end up with are a lot of level 20 players–veterans–who can level a new “latest & greatest meta” dino rather easily, simply because they can extract more DNA than a new player. Who have access to apex level raids because they already have all the dinos and boosts and everything they need to successfully farm those raids. Who had access to many creatures that use to be found in parks, in the wild, that are now only available through special events and arenas.

The new player has none of those advantages, yet, wants to fast-track to endgame as quickly as possible. A “10” fuse means a lot less to someone pushing their Ardentismaxima from 29-30 than it does, someone trying to unlock their first Unique, and many players in small alliances are focusing specific roles within a team.

My point being that at this point, it would hardly be game breaking to make the base value 20 instead of 10. The same way many games over the years have given more XP to quicken leveling, get more people into raids, etc., etc., etc…


Well. 4 years of playing should be worth something….

Getting to end-game should take a long time!

But its even easier to get good dinos with alliance.

In the begining you could only get EPIC dinos in the parks! Where some cities dident have any parks….

Just saying.


Or special events being on very rare occasions. Also in parks.

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Getting to end game will still take a “long” time and I don’t see changing the average fuse from say, 15 to 20-25 changing that much. How long is long enough for you?

“In the begining you could only get EPIC dinos in the parks! Where some cities dident have any parks….”

Yes and we rode around in horse pulled carts… but things and games evolve. None of these are arguments against changing the base fuse, sorry.

Personally I think there should be a set number of fuses required for unlocked and leveling up each creature. The fuse mechanic is and always has been bad. I average no more than 17 DNA per fuse over 3 years of playing this game. My friend had averaged over 22 DNA over the same span. Learned the other day that he is sitting at 12 level 30 creatures and I only have 5. There’s a problem there, he will unlock creatures in 2 months after they are made and it will take me well over 8 to accomplish the same thing. It’s happened on many creatures. I personally would like for there set number of fuses per creature. Let’s say 15 fuses to unlock a unique, 12 for legendary, 10 for epic, and let’s say 8 for a rare. Since we dart creatures DNA would still work the same but you would be getting 20 per each fuse after creation. That way you know how many fuses you need to have to be able to fuse super hybrids. What’s y’all’s thoughts?

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Everything in life involves chances and why is it so painful to accept in a game. And tbh there is no rush to grow in the game. I come to belief to just accept the roll of the dice and u will enjoy the occasional 100 :grin:

Understand, this won’t put much of a rush on things for the average player. And I agree with what PersianKing said. A 10 is not so painful when you’re spending 100 coins but 1000 is another story.

And yes! I like the ‘chance to roll’ part of anything whether it be rolling a die or whatever but… this is not 10% chance to roll a 10, 20, 30, etc… and we’re all well aware of that. The chance to roll a 10 is too high. The chance to roll a 10 while trying to unlock (I have zero doubt) is even higher. 10% chance to roll 10-100 would be amazing though.

Its not too high considering, the statistically average is 22 DNA in fuses, according to eye test and dinodex. This happens for most people and if its different for you, its just different. Also FYI, if you had a 10 percent chance to roll 10-100, it gives an average fuse of 55, so that’s a bit stupid. Like sure u may be disappointed and I wud understand coz I have gotten streaks of 5 10s in a row, but I enjoy it cos it makes the journey rewarding. Just know that ludia doesn’t want unnecessarily accelerate people’s progress in the game

10% chance was simply in reference to random dice rolls. The original suggestion is for a base of 20 and I still stick with that as again, it doesn’t exactly fast-track anyone and certainly isn’t game breaking at this stage.

Thanks for your comments.

The fact I’ve only gotten one 20 and one 30 and the rest were 10 on this monolorhino is a problem.

Getting a 10 on this hybrid is unbelievably frustrating especially since it takes 1000 coin, 200 EXCLUSIVE epic dna and 500+ monolophosaurus g2 dna which is also used for ANOTHER unique. Not saying 10 should be removed from the game, just saying that it should DEFINITELY be lowered to the point where you would have to be fairly unlucky to get one.


But barriers HAVE been relaxed. I remember a time before Scents. I remember a time before sanctuaries. A time before alliances or DNA donations. I remember a time when zones were stationary and you had to travel to get dinos. And this could very well be written off as anecdotal, except:

I made an alt and in 6 weeks, I made the same amount of progress my primary had made in 6 months 3 years earlier. The game is easier to progress in than ever, at least, up until Aviary. 10 fuses suck. Don’t get me wrong, but the big guys get 10’s too. It just makes the 50+s all the sweeter.