Remove 10 DNA fuse from the game

I totally agree with this. The argument can be made for the rewards from apex raids as well. There is enough randomness in the arena without adding insult to injury with randomness in fusing or raiding.

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Clearly progress is much easier than it used to be. I more or less made it to nublar shores in about 18 months on my account and at the same time on my son’s account (started in 2018), both accounts are 100% F2P. Boost acquisition is much more of a hurdle than DNA acquisition currently. An important factor is to be in an active alliance and having level 20 sanctuaries.

Here’s a method i use to avoid getting 10s on creatures I need (doesn’t work all the time)

So first I’ll go to a hybrid I don’t need, and start fusing it. If you get 10s and 20s on a hybrid, it’s like a cooldown for getting good fuses. So I’ll go to a hybrid I don’t need, start fusing at few times, then if I get 10s or 20s 2 - 3 times, I’ll fuse the dinosaur I need once. If I get a good fuse on the creature I need, I’ll fuse it again, and again. I’ll keep doing this until I start getting 20s or 10s.


Yes, continuous improvement is great and I’m hoping they continue to do so. Everything need not be a total slog to be enjoyable or rewarding.

It’s really all numbers trickery anyways. I mean, think about it… you could program randomness into any process with a target average of “xx”. Even if the average is set to say, “25”… they could remove 10 from the possibilities and still keep the average at 25… just means your odds of getting a 20 just went up considerably.

I’m not really suggesting that, but that would be a very underhanded way to say, “Ok we did it… no more 10” and still get the same outcome. Just wouldn’t ‘feel’ as painful.

And for those going on about ‘randomness’ and ‘roll of dice’… this is NOT that. If it were, your odds of rolling a 100 would be the same as rolling a 10.

Nothing that can be programmed is “random,” it just draws from a large enough dataset to appear that way.

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this is what i want to be when doing school wok

I got skoona and thanks for this tip wish i knew before fusing coelhaast like so many 10s

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Again, thanks for contributing.

Tbh ur problem may stem from the exclusivity of DNA, especially event exclusives. And I disagree that 10 shud less likely than a 20 even, I wouldn’t mind if I got a 10 say only 30-40 percent of the time instead of where I currently feels its like half the time

Its not that painful for me long-term and others may agree with me and if its the same expected outcome they have legitimately no reason to change it. Considering if the new minimum is 20, U will get it almost 90 percent of the time, u know that? IT WILL become the new 10, its undeniable, most may find that monotonous and less of a fun grind. U maybe enjoy that , whereas others will not, including myself.

I know for certain, that when I, and most people I know,mention “a roll of a dice” it doesn’t relate to equal opportunity of every outcome, its relates to the unknown and THE RANDOMNESS of each outcome, in which you literally do not know what is the outcome.

And so there will always be people who want to get a consistent amount all the time and those who prefer some variety and possibilty. And as such, I believe Ludia has no reason to change it if the expected value is to be the same. If in future, they want to increase the expected value from 22 to like 28, i wouldn’t mind 15-20 being the new base, but that’s not going happen so…

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Nobody loves getting a 10 when DNA is short and you get 240/250. However, a game like this one doesn’t work when progression is trivialized, and this game has already done numerous things to ease progression. You can get apex dna without darting or traveling (which is also RNG based dna with a 15 lower limit instead of 10…which is only acceptable because you only get one “fuse” per week), you can get free uniques if you’re in a good alliance each month, there are tons of event creatures that basically hand out free legendary and unique dna…the list goes on. JWA would be in huge trouble if fusing was increased because it would not only make progression easier for newer players like yourself but it would also make endgame players accelerate even faster (and make it miserable for those of us who depend on slow progression to avoid being stomped whenever a new creature is introduced).

Playing F2P since day 1, I can comfortably say that the progression for the game right now is in a sweet spot (with the exception of getting boosts and being stuck with them every time they nerf your team, which is so disgusting to me that it nearly ruins the game). The average fuse (used to be) around 20, and the averages were higher or lower for certain creatures when I was last reading the subject. All that being said, you only unlock a creature once, and you only get it to 30 once. Relax and take it slowly, as it’s not painful if you have patience. It took me months to get my first unique, and the rush I felt when hitting “create” is something I just don’t feel anymore. When you’re a vet, perhaps you’ll better see the other side of the fusing coin, but for now I advise you to trust long time players on this one.


What something ‘means’ to another is totally subjective and not something I’ll debate. Points made.

Everyone progresses at the same rate, since it means that everyone has a higher average (if that were actually the case) fuse. It’s indiscriminate of player level, so I’m not sure I follow your logic in some players steamrolling others because of it.

So far I haven’t heard a single good argument, other than some desire to gatekeep the pace of leveling because it was ‘slower’ back in the day.

The average is 22 per fuse but not everyone progress at the same pace. Once the path you are on has started with 4 or 8 consecutive weeks of 15 for apex raids you never catch up with those that average 20 (average is 20 for apex raids).

Having a non random 20 every time would ensure that everyone progress at the same pace provided you put some effort in darting, hunting and sanctuaries.

I’m sorry but that’s simply false. Everyone would progress at the same rate if they had infinite DNA to fuse with and coins to fuse, but that isn’t the case. Lower level players (by design) get less apex DNA and DNA from darting, which slows their progression. P2W players also can purchase large amounts of fuse DNA while F2P people often cannot, which means that paying money grants people faster progression. A flat buff to fuse rates would enlarge the gap between people with DNA access and people without because it would allow you to get more fuse DNA (and thus levels/unlocks) faster and thus snowball yourself into better PvP positioning etc.

I think ludia has chosen to, for whatever their reasons, take advantage of the human psychological impulse to enjoy an experience if they think they got lucky. Even if the average is identical, engagement is higher if the reward feels random (even if engagement is frustration). So despite most if not all players having roughly identical fuse rates (over 3000 dna you may be nearly identical to someone else even if in a given fuse I get 10 and you get 30), there seems to be a distinct reason that ludia prefers this system over a flat rate. I think it’s not really a hill to die on anymore, and it would be much better to attack the current progression gate that is boosts.

Fifteen 10s, one 30, and one 20.

3k Woolly rhino dna, 750 metrodon dna, and 15k coins, all on 10s


That just means you are unlucky


Exactly, it’s extremely frustrating when you’re in the process of making a unique