Remove 2 Week Reset on Sanctuary's - Owner can Kick

I’ve not gotten a sanctuary but just to level 7 and I’ve been keeping up with 6 feedings on 2 accounts plus other members using the extra slots.


  • I would like to be able to keep a sanctuary so long as it is not allowed to go empty. In other words, sanctuary’s only reset if they go empty. This way we can build up a sanctuary or 3 to the highest level and keep it going as an alliance as a way to better work together.


  • The originator of the sanctuary should be the owner and should be able to kick others out such as competing alliances to keep room for their own members. When the kicked person is removed, they get no reward for the return. They only get what they receive for caring for theirs and other creatures in the sanctuary up till they get kicked.

I haven’t had other alliances members in any of the sanctuary’s so I doubt this would ever cause some big issue since there are so many sanctuary’s dotting the landscape. Realistically, sanctuary’s could be all put into parks. The one I have up to 6 right now is in the middle of town more than a mile away. They aren’t difficult to keep up after first throwing creatures into them.

That’s the dumbest thing I have heard. Sanctuary is not private. Anybody can place their Dinos. And cannot certainly own a Sanctuary.

I agree with the never reset part, or have them go for 3+ months. It would be nice to build up sanctuaries to real levels with my alliance.

As for kicking people out of sanctuaries, well… Yeah… That’s a horrible horrible idea. It’s the ‘jump to conclusions mat’ of ideas for sanctuaries…

I kinda like the idea.
When you got everyone putting in Tuo and then someone not even in your alliance pops in a DimeG2… Sometimes it’s even people in your own alliance that can’t get with the program. There’s always “That guy”. LOL

Well, as somebody said here in Forums, the DNAs you get when doing FIP doesn’t change when you reach high Lvl. The only benefit on high Lvl Sanctuaries are you can place more Dinos and avoid those in and out time

That’s the point of Sanctuaries. To get the DNA you want which you can’t find otherwise.

Just make the requirements for leveling lower. Like 60 percent lower. Leave rest as is

Oh if dna doesn’t go up then who cares? I thought the return amount went up with the level. I guess what’s the point of the leveled then?

I’m not sure where you got that idea, as that is not true. Although some epics stall out at sanctuary level 14, the DNA does increase for various dinos all the way up to level 20. However, there is a ‘quiet period’ around levels 16 and 17, so the extra work to get a sanctuary over level 15 may not be worth it. But getting to level 15 as quickly as possible is ideal.

I don’t know if the DNA we get when Dinos return increase. I was telling about the DNA we get when doing FIP.

Yes, that is what I was talking about. Food, Interaction, and Toys do continue to increase the DNA as I mentioned in my previous comment. The DNA from returning dinos does not change.