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Remove 5% crits (Poll)?


I know we need crits in this game. But I‘m just so sick of having a battle as good as won when my opponent gets a 5% crit to win.

I‘m having this pretty often, I‘m doing like 20-25 battles per day since I‘m a very unlucky player. I‘m having a team built up to reduce RNG like Dodge/Evasive but I have nothing against these 5% crits.

I‘m recording many battles and just had it again that I would‘ve won the battle when my opponent‘s Stegodeus got a 5% crit to kill my Tryostronix.

I would be fine with it if it wouldn‘t happen that often. But c‘mon this doesn‘t feel like 5%, more like 20% that‘s how often I‘m getting smashed by these damn things.

I think Ludia should remove the 5% crits. These tanks are already pretty strong, I think every 5% dino should get 0% crit chance. Leave those 20,30,40% as they are cuz they‘re making sense.

But losing a battle only because of bad luck isn‘t dair imo. Especially when I‘m almost beating a stronger player bis a higher team until a 5% crit ruins it all.

This are the moments I wish I would‘ve kept DracoGen2 in my team. Took her out cuz I didn‘t want to use her against other players since I hate her seeing be used against me. :joy:
Bad mistake I know…^^

Dinos that crit with 5% very often for me are Utasino, Stegodeus, Tragodistis. Oh and Monomimus seems to also crit very often. :face_with_monocle:
But never for me. Can‘t remember my last 5% crit…

And while I‘m talking about this, I‘ve also seen some players ideas to push the 75% stuns up to 100%.
To be honest, I‘d totally agree with them. I‘m having it too often that IC stuns or Monostegotop‘s stuns won‘t work when I desperately need them.
But atleast u can counter stuns.

I also don‘t like dodge/evasive/cloak but even these are to counter if I got my Monomimus, Tyrannolopho and/or Monostego in my team.

What do u think? I expect that many are thinking ‚oh god another dude who wants a nerf‘…

Well that‘s not exactly what I want. I just would like to see 5% crits removed since their a huge reason for battle frustration.
I know lucky players love them. But I, I‘m never having luck. That‘s why I prefer strategic games lol. :slight_smile:


did the tryos/stegod thing just happen to you?


Would u like to see 5% crits removed (so not only for normal battles but also for epic strike events, looking at Blue)?

Plz scroll down and look at some screenshots I posted. :slight_smile:

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don‘t care

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If u don‘t agree, why would that be? :slight_smile: Would really like to know. ^^
Feel free to write why you disagree with me. :wink:


Just? Every day!! :smiley:

But that 5% thing also often happens to me in the epic strike towers. Blue fe crits way more often than 5%.


if it just happened a few minutes ago, check this post out please. if i beaten you this way i am sorry but my rampage would win anyway if it didnt bugged out


Nope I had my Tryostronix. She would‘ve taken 1,6k damage and then would‘ve finished Stegodeus.
But Stego got her crit and made 2k dmg.


then it wasnt you because i killed a tryos with 1100 health and my stegod deals 2000 damage on a rampage since its lv 26. i didnt have rampage because of bug but my short defense critted so i won


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oh i see… sorry man that sucks


Yeah…well as I said I would be fine with it if it wouldn‘t happen so damn often.
I can imagine that my opponent felt very lucky but I kinda felt [censored]. :confused:

Cuz it happens like every day to me. Sometimes I‘m having 5% crits many times per day, then it ‚only‘ happens once or twice in a day.
But things like these frustrate me so much.


well ludia has some issues with their random number generator. let me give you a weird advice: if you are getting crit so much, change move a few steps away from where you are playing and then play. ludia’s rng system seems to take in consideration location as well. i have tried it and actually in one place i am always unlucky while in the other corner of the room i am always lucky


I don’t mind getting a random crit here and there it’s when the rng goes berserk and throws consecutive 5% crits that gets me raging! I also think creatures with 5% crit should not exist as they usually have massive dmg without crit!

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Yes when I lost three or four battles due to bad RNG I quit and try again later. But then it‘s like one win without RNG and then it‘s back. ^^


Yeah exactly!!
That‘s also what I meant. If sometimes, ok. But if it happens almost every day with huge dmg output it‘s not ok!!

So if Ludia can‘t fix it, I think they should remove it.

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as i said change your location and try again. go to another room or something that actually helps

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Location should not mean that a vrap gets 2 crits in a row if that is how it’s coded you can see why there so many issues!


Just happened again:


Went from my house to the bus and battled a few km away.
Now smbdy tell me how to stay calm.


I mean wow the game is going harsh on you buddy. sorry :frowning:


Having tested it myself twice now it’s actually closer to almost 40%.

And… I need to test it again, but Stegodeus does seem to be a frequent offender of this “beyond 5%” phenomenon.

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