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Remove battle coin limit during tournaments

One thing that will keep people battling is removing the daily coin limit on battling during tournaments. Combined with highest place reached, it should keep everyone battling constantly.


Is there a limit? I haven’t hit one since the last update and I’ve done around 90 battles some days. I haven’t done that much this tournament though because winning 1/5 of the trophies that i could potentially lose in a match is not very enticing. I keep battles to a minimum now.


Yeah prior to 1.5 i hit the limit quite often but i cant remember the last time i hit the battle coin limit

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Same as TheMaxx said, I had one day when I battled around 50-70 battles and haven’t hit the coin limit, when before it got capped out in 30 battles or so.

I am not sure if it’s intentional change or not, but I hope it remains as is, since I prefer farming coins from battles on days when I don’t really want to go out, instead of forcing me to walk / take a tram ride.

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I believe it goes up with your level so it may not help the top players as much but would help close the gap for lower free to play players. I’m currently trying to find the max for l20.

Im level 17 and have played 40-50 battles in a day since 1.5 hit and have yet to hit the cap.

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