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Remove boosts or dinos

Dear ludia, I dont know what you were thinking adding stat boosts but this thing one shot half my team. Which included trykosaurus and ardentismaxima. This should not be able to happen. Either remove boosts for matchmaking or remove all the crutch dinos. (Indo gen 2, thor erlidom, dracoceratops)

If you’re having dc problems in the ARENA(not talking limited tourneys) then… erm


I don’t think they’ll remove dinos. or boosts.


When I got dracoeratops. It was utterly awful. It had swap in savagery. That was ok but after it swapped it would get immediately killed. It was a rare opportunity for it to survive after swapping in but it wasn’t even that fast so it still died right after that. I used in like 15 battles and it got the rampage off like only 4 times. I had to replace with a 15 postimetradon and that isn’t the best dino either.

Also, you don’t need to get rid of either. You should just have an option for an unboosted or boosted arena. If you are asking to get of a dino, that is messed up. I mean a nerf is better. It is just the boosts that make them overpowered.


Removing boosts isn’t gonna happen, and removing crutch dinos is absurd. Because 1. Dinos that people worked hard on leveling will just be gone from the game leading to an absolute riot on this forum. and 2. Removing a creature because of boosts is the worst workaround I’ve ever heard of


Erlidom isn’t a crutch

i dont think they should remove any creature, but they should put a low cap on the amount of boosts you can apply to a dino and the ability to reset the boosts and get em back. i mean that a single creature should be able to have like 15 boosts total or something, then if you dont like the changes you can reset and invest them into some other stats or creatures

5 boosts per stat per creature would be a dream come true. Since that’s probably one of the few ways we can get boosts to be relevant but small enough in impact (since boosts aren’t going anywhere). But the question is: would the people who spent tons of money on boosts to do this stuff let it happen?

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Yes and no, know they just need to think and maybe even be able to play different creatures than their ugly crutches. It would also practically kill Yoshi and give indo2 the nudge it may or may not need and also kill Thor.

I, along with everyone in the F2P crowd, would welcome this change with open arms


Imo there have been crutches for a long time people relied upon. Before boosts it was monomimus and stegodeus, and upon their release it was terrifying thoras. Now it’s procerata and indo gen 2. What troubles me about the boost system is that it uniquely enables things to perform outside their intended niche and trash other player’s teams. If you give a counter attacker, who normally has low damage but high hp, tons and tons of attack boosts, it’s gonna perform more like a chomper than the intended counter attacker. The same is true for speedsters, who really struggle to keep up with 135+ speed chompers …because 135 speed shouldn’t be something that’s possible for a 109 speed creature. As a start speed boosts being removed would certainly keep some of these monsters at bay…but I’m not certain it would solve the issue unless the entire boost maximum number was nerfed hard.

Of all that list, in high sands the only one that destroys the game is the IndoG2 due to its characteristics. In fact, almost no one uses dracoceratops or Thor, and less and less Erlidominus. Yes it is true that in lower arenas some of these are annoying when they are buffed to the maximum because they are at 30 and buff while their counters have lower levels.

Correction: the only “dino” that destroys the game is “speed boostasaurus”. I mean. Each dino has a purpose. Altering its purpose, game mechanics are useless.

Next boost pack for Thor: Jet Pack just to let him win a drag race against a Bugatti Chiron.

I agree with you that the boosts destroyed the game, especially the speed boosts but it is also true that as the months go by and all of us, or most of us, already have many used boosts, things have matched. It is true that a Thor with 20 speed increases is an insane beast but, for example, Thor himself can do more damage without speed and with 20 power increases. In fact, creatures that do not need speed and in which only health and damage are boosted are used more and more.

yoshi and thor can be saved with balance updates and tweaks by adding a little hp or dmg to yoshi and im not sure what should be done with thoradorasaurus since its so powerfull it has to have low speed and low enough hp so it cant survive too many attacks

I posted in another topic (similar issue) seems to fit here Too!

I think some kind of limit for speed boosts is a really good idea. The game is often described as Rock, Paper, Scissors but with Dinos. Boosts is kinda like having metal covered paper.
I have worked my butt off to create a few legendary speedsters and its soul destroying to see them outsped by the slowest dinos in the game turbo charged with boosts!

But it is what it is I guess. Whales pay a lot of money for the privilege, would it be fair to strip away their boosts…

Stay safe out there fellow Dino nuts


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Not at all according to Thor.

Thor is currently one of the worst uniques in the game. According to GamePress there are 12 uniques better than him, 5 similar and only 1 worse. The only problem is that in low sands you see Thors of 30 boosted and instead few real potent creatures (Indo2, MAmmolania, ArdentisMaxima, geminititan, etc.) of 30 boosted. That is why it seems very strong when it is not. It doesn’t deserve to be an even worse dinosaur than it already is.

With Yoshi I do agree with you. As in the case of Indo2, its strength is enormous for its rarity.

Thora is very strong for what it is. It’s a slow chomper with high damage and hp, and it has a priority move. Is it OP? Of course not. It’s simply the fastest chomper that can be abused with boosts. It’s also one of the easiest unique creatures to make, so I feel it’s in a great place in terms of viability. It performs well in the unique meta, but has plenty of answers across many tiers. Yet another reason to drop the significance of boosts is that the very carefully designed speed tiers are thrown out the window by creatures like thora that are balanced to be slow…and still are slow. If everyone else has max speed. Which they don’t at the maximum trophy count of these people who rely on these types of teams. It makes a total mess of arenas without max boosted counters for things because reactive team design is much slower than just boosting something that can be OP and hoping you get it.