Remove clan packs from elite clans or something

There has been a problem brewing in my clan, Fury Guardians, due to the habit of using clan packs and them still being available for us. Despite my statements of them not being necessary, people still use it and it creates a big imbalance, in which some are using their power and the extra to hammer an obscene amount of damage to the Alpha, while a number of members, including me, are left with barely 3 strikes before the Alpha is gone. It creates a discordance and I would like for that feature to be off in clans like mine, stuck in an eternal loop of 10-stars.
Another suggestion is that since the clan packs are a feature involving the whole team, no one should be able to use them unless the leader gives the green light, in which case I’m essentially asking you to make a feature that sends the offer for clan packs to the leader of each clan, and whether said leader presses “yes” or “no” will determine whether anyone will be allowed to use them. A terror mail could be used for this, or a notification in the same place, much like you used for the Anniversary survey.
I’ll thank you to take this into serious consideration.
Aesther the Merciful,
Leader of Fury Guardians Alliance.

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No way this is going to happen, being a clanleader doesn’t make you a dictator of your clanmates accounts, and yes, buying extra alpha energy is a individual choice.

What you have is a problem within your clan.
We don’t have it, people respect leaders suggestion to not buy it and respect fellow clanmates, so everyone gets their energy used :blush:


For how long have you been a leader exactly? I hear there have been a lot of changes in your alliance… You can’t even have a regular head. But yet you come to lecture me - as if you even know how I manage my alliance.

And we both know that’s an actual problem most clans come to face when 10s get too easy. Some get an unfair advantage of using 6 energy in one go, and others are denied to use the naturally charged energy and that’s so not fair. Being forced to buy the packs while we don’t need them and people are using them for self-serving reasons and losing track of teamwork, is not okay either.

The feature creates a problem of conflict to clans that don’t need it, and mine, has finally reached that stage. Whether we resolve it is another matter. But quite frankly, the unnecessary-for-us packs have been giving me a headache and I have a right to request what would take this load off my shoulders.

It’s either that ludia considers this or we’ll have to split clans too. Or hop until the other is possible at last.

But this problem stems from ludia giving 3/3 energy at start then giving the packs to any clans, whether they defeat Alphas or not. I would rather they differentiate.

And before you come charging at my head, think on this for a minute. You had to do ranklists and equalize the clans. Another alliance had to split 1-2 clans in half. You have faced this problem sooner and were requesting for higher Alphas.

And it’s all because the Alpha system isn’t ideal once you’ve achieved it all. It is too easy. And we don’t need this offer making it even worse.

Nor is my alliance your business. But you come here to demean my leadership skills you know nothing about (while I do for you), when I request a solution from ludia, the one bringing this headache to me in the first place. It’s actually heading to the source of the trouble for an easier resolution.

Sounds to me if you have players in the clan that does not care about other clan-mates you should just kick them out… clan should be about team work…

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The best people tasting the utmost power can start to lose sight of what really matters. It’s my job as their chieftess to pull them back to teamwork.

And it’s also ludia’s responsibility to have a fair Alpha system, and this is not it.

As a former member from both of your clans @Featherwing and @Alexandre I am shocked to see this topic got so out of hand.
1st of I always liked you a lot Alexandre and I think you insult Featherwing by saying she wants to be like a dictator… c’monn🤦🏻‍♀️
You are lashing out to her because she disagreed on your topic yesterday.
You say LH isn’t having any issues with the packs while my experience in LH is really different.
I have had many discussions myself with your leaders and members concerning this issue!
Thats why even against regulations you allow members to hop and farm keys …
This means that your own leaders leadership skills aren’t that good at all like you state yourself above☝🏼
And you speak of a boss in the game, well it seems to me that your bosses lying skills are rubbing of on you.
So I little protip from me; don’t come talk all high and mighty on this forum and dump lies overhere while there are members in this community who know the truth :kissing_heart:

Let’s get to the bottom of the question, @Featherwing resquest is to be a option of the clanleader to allow players and not to it be removed of the game, that’s a dictator move, end of story.

Like @Military_Jane said, that’s a problem of lack respect with players within the clan

I like you said in TU discord
“It is hard to reason with people getting disinterested in the game and not even checking clan chat.”

So yeah, i rest my case.

About you @Sammymant6943, i won’t be feeding soap operas.

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You chose to perform in a soap opera @Alexandre with you facade of lies :woman_shrugging:t2:

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It’s actually not, but you sure are attacking me for personal reasons. You and LH always the same. You’ll never acknowledge truths so step outta here.

A feature that affects the whole clan should not be decided on individually. They should actually be up to the government, and here government is the chiefs.

These offers are tempting the best of people. Clan chat doesn’t work and most have started forgetting about it too. And yet, a chief has to make sure everyone is alright and gets a fair chance when they should be. But you wouldn’t know about chiefing…

And soap operas, really? You could have kindly not come here to attack my character without knowing the sacrifices I’ve made for my people, how much I’ve done and yet there’s one more problem - this one stemming from ludia not thinking far ahead.

And you could have also not lie as much as you do. As if you never faced it, or as if you’re so great.

Truth has a habit of coming out when it’s not to your advantage. :wink:

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Or a player thinking too short.

Not everyone is playing every day. Reallife. Heard about it?

So if the chief is not available 24/7 clanmember will not be able to buy the packs.

Plus not ALL clans have the issue easily kicking the alphas bum.

Have you got a solution for these clans as well?

Edit: Overread “elite”. Please ignore me, thank you. Go on discussing since we are far away and team players.

I also dislike the clan pack. In my clan it the offer once appeared when we were fighting a 10* Violet Death, which we can beat extremely easily. Some players of my clan did buy the clan pack and needless to say it got defeated within a couple of hours of it spawning. This caused quite a few players to be unable to attack the alpha at all. As a result i wrote in my clan discord that i don’t mind people buying the back, but if they want to do so i’d prefer it if they at least waited till everyone has had the chance to attack. (haven’t really had any problems with the clan pack since then.)

@Nuesschen The devs could implement an option in the clan setting that would allow the clan leader to chose from 3 options: Allowed (everyone can choose to buy it when they want to), Preferably not (make some pop-up appear when someone tries to buy the clan pack saying the clan leader would rather you don’t buy it) and Absolutely not (makes it impossible to buy the clan pack). That way the clan leader does not need to be online 24/7.

Also in my opinion its quite bad even in clans that can’t constantly beat the alphas as you’ll just delay the defeats. You’ll be able to beat the higher level alpha the day the clan pack appears, but the 2 days after it you’ll be losing.

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Thank you @Zhyan. How I think that could go is this: auto (everyone can use the packs, on their own), approve/disapprove, set with conditions in which I would put in a long delay for the feature to become available through the clan section, so the “Alpha being defeated during sleep” will be prevented and we can all do our duties.

I hope @Nuesschen this covers your concern. But yeah, again, it’s only for the clans stuck in a loop of 10s.

We are fighting only 2000k Alphas max, so this does not apply on our “Gurkentrüppchen” as one can call it in German.

I am just wondering why a function needs to be installed for something which can be solved easily by communication?

It’s not solved so easily because a lot of members have withdrawn from clan chat. This means they don’t even see what I post.

And I am human, I can get frustrated, I can’t be on vigil 24/7. I certainly have enough on my plate with everything.

[quote=“Featherwing, post:18, topic:120945, full:true”]
It’s not solved so easily because a lot of members have withdrawn from clan chat. This means they don’t even see what I post.[/quote]

Well, if I withdraw me, there is a reason.

Maybe I have a different thinking of “team” than you have and as a leader (which I am not, but a good friend of mine is ours) its either behave like a teammember or not. In the latter case it would mean feel free to find yourself a “team” of egoists.

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There you go again! You don’t know me personally, you haven’t been a part of my clan, this is getting tiresome.

Thats a way to manage the situation all by ones self.