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Remove Coins and Food from PvP Rewards


Please consider removing coins and food from all PvP reward spins.

DNA. Great.
Dino Bucks. Great.

Coins and food are incredibly annoying rewards. I would rather get a common dinosaur then a food or coin reward.

Thank you.


While this would be great, it would throw the economy of the game on its head or they would have to nerf the other rewards to a much smaller amount. If you play PvP enough you get enough good rewards mixed in with the 5k food and 10k coin rewards throw away wins.


Instead of 10000 or coins they could give a small amount of DNA or Bucks or Loyalty Points.

I could see keeping these rewards on Novice spins but on higher battles it’s pretty annoying. In my humble opinion.


Yes agree! I was thinking about the same thing especialy the arena rewards most of times always pick up food or gold if they remove them it would be much better