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Remove Completed Strike Towers From The Map

I think a nice addition to the game would be to remove completed strike towers off of the map.

  1. Why have it on the map after you complete it (win)? There’s no reason to tap on it again.
  2. If you failed, leave it on there for players who want to attempt again.
  3. It will probably help a lot of us from cursing when we accidentally tap on it instead of the supply drop.
  4. creatures will not spawn in a strike tower that isn’t there. Sometimes a rare creature will spawn inside a strike tower and you can’t tap on it because it will continuously go to the strike tower.

So I please suggest that you highly consider removing completed strike towers (ghost form) from the maps so we do not accidentally tap on them and get frustrated. I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way or does this.

thanks for your time.


this has been fixed

No it has not. They still spawn inside.