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Remove delay on secret room doors

I find the no-boss rooms of sharpstone keep through dragon so easy that they have become tedious and when I have to play them (Eg to complete a quest) I impatiently spam the door button as I go from room to room.

Hence I constantly miss the secret rooms when they pop up.

Other people must be experiencing this?

Could the delay be removed on the appearance of the secret rooms? The delay doesn’t really seem to be necessary to get the ooh a secret room surprise

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I have this happen on occasion. However, I am not concerned missing a few secret rooms due to the minimal value of the chests found within.

On the other hand, this delay does inconvenience players and Ludia could easily rectify the problem.

I acknowledge that my lack of patience here has caused me to miss a few secret rooms…amongst my many self induced blunders!..makes me think I need a name change, as that is the opposite of wisedom… lol

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In challenges, only boss rooms give one choice in room selection. Boss room always have a crown icon and will occur in rooms 3, 6 and 9.

There’s a couple of procedures you can implement to easily tell if there will be a hidden room: check if theres a crown, if not there’s a secret door in the wall. If you have a decent memory then you can track what room you’re going into. If the next room’s remainder is not 0 after dividing by 3 and you have a wall, there will be a secret door.

But yeah, decreasing the delay would mean I can grind challenges with less attention so I’d support that too.

I have missed secret rooms for the same reason but I don’t mind the delay. It makes it something of a surprise which is what a secret room should be. I also don’t think they need to spoon feed us to keep us from making our own mistakes. We know that there could possibly be a room with a slight delay so if we are in a hurry to save a second or less getting into the next room, should we really be babied to the point we can’t make a mistake?


It’s just that as I said everything up to and including dragon is so super easy and tedious that ts hard not to be impatient especially when you Eg have to complete it seven times in a row for a quest and only get garbage gear even on a d20 roll

I don’t disagree with you there… like I said I do the exact same thing. I just choose to blame my own impatience rather than game design lol
But then, patience is something I am working in in my life so…

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I completely agree. After thousands of challenge runs, I never know what room I’m on. Just grinding for 20 rolls in whatever dungeon has what I’m chasing. While 100 common cards isn’t a big deal to miss out on, I still want them anyway. If they address the issue. I’d like to see an algorithm implemented that rewards better when it’s in a challenge that has monster level close to or higher then hero levels. 100 rare cards for beating a room that could potentially kill one or more hero’s before the boss would make it fun. As it stands now if a player is fighting a challenge geared for his power, it’s smart to skip the 100 common cards and go for that extra 20 roll from a boss you can’t beat with half a team.