Remove dodge


It’s a stupid mechanic the way it is currently Change it to give the dino counter attack for x turns or something. Maybe just 1 turn of 50% dodge but it also attacks for 1x that turn as well. It’s irritating being on both the giving and receiving end of multiturn dodges that do no damage. There is no strategy involved since you can’t swap something in to counterit because all the multiturn dodgers 1 shot anything in game you try to swap in with nullifying

I have the indoms so I’m not just complaining about something happening to me, its frustrating wasting a turn for a chance of a benefit that half the time you die before even making up for that wasted turn. The rng just saps away the fun of battling.


I oppose this suggestion. Dodge is used by incredibly few dinosaurs and is a substantial equalizer against superior power. There is strategy, and that becomes a strategy that doesn’t rely on huge damage fast, but consistent damage longer (or swapping intelligently).


uh superior firepower? only the indoms have multiturn dodge. there is no superior firepower. if youre going to comment at least make sense. also, there is no strategy in a 50% coin flip.


Then they shouldn’t let indoraptor who can attain a devastating attack have this ability, making the opponent opt to deal as much damage as they possibly can to kill this thing before they get hammered.


LOL There most certainly is superior firepower. The Raptors are still dangerous in groups, especially the legendary hybrids. And there isn’t much that can survive a T-Rex rampage or similar move.

So what I get from this is you don’t want a nerf to Dodge, you want a nerf to Indominus? Am I reading you right?


I can’t actually comment on Indoraptor, as I don’t have one to examine and have only ever fought 2, and destroyed them both very quickly. Either by luck, or my opponent’s inexperience, I couldn’t tell you.


i have indominus and indoraptor and in a day or so ill have erlidominus. i dont want a nerf. i want a change. there is no skill or strategy or fun in hitting a button for a 50% coin flip. id rather it be something like first strike 1x dmg and 50% dodge for this turn. thats much better and more balanced than 50% dodge for 2 turns and next attack does 2x or 50% dodge for 3 turns.

or like i said before, replace it with gain counter attack 1x for 2 turns or something.


Personally, I like the gamble. But that’s a matter of taste.

The Indominus has recently been nerfed (to a small, but manageable degree). However, the first dodge is only instant-speed with no other effect. Instant invincibility has greater utility as it goes off with certainty, and Evasive Strike does what you’re describing but is already complained about - and an Indominus version would be Armor-Piercing.

As it is now, and even after the nerf, the Cloak+Hit is more like a larger version of the Raptor’s Pounce that goes off heavily and can cripple or kill an opponent; it just needs to be countered. And there are counters to it:

Instant Invincibility, Instant Cripple, Shields of any kind, your own dodging, and just 50% luck with a heavy damage-dealer.

I’ve had my own Indominus killed off before it could do any damage so often I’ve lost count, but I don’t mind because (a) I’m aware of the risks of gambling with probability, and (b) I already feel like this game has a weird algorithm for probability when 5% crit rate dinosaurs crit more than my 20%, 30%, and 40% crit rate ones.

Indominus is a hunter, not a retaliator, so Counter-Strike seems an odd choice to put in.


I started to encounter them more often as I reached to 3.7k, its moveset functions like cheatcode. There’s not many alternative its opponent can do with it, just have to try outdoing it in damaging and that itself still is a bad tactic with the case of countering DODGE. In one battle I particularly remember, that enemy indo dodged all 3 attempts from my stegoceratop, plus the 4th attack from my second dino. Since that attack my team never had a chance to even stand on the ground. And 3 bites’ all it needed to finish off my team with critical hit each.


That does sound rather awful, if it’s consistent. What I appreciate about the dodge, though, is the inconsistency.

Other posters made mention of the Indoraptor getting nerfed as well in other threads, has that had any change for your experiences?


^this. it can be very powerful, but not doing any damage for a turn is an incredible risk. i’ve had indoraptor and IREX killed in 2 hits because the dodge was 0-2. so it’s balanced, but i agree, it takes a strategy element from the game and replaces it with praying the RNG goes your way


^ This agree with completely, if you want to claim strategy changes - for the user. For the opponent, the assumption they have to make is that it WILL hit, unless they choose (as I do when facing them) to run the gamble of outright killing the Indom if they started with the right dino or choosing another dino to sacrifice.

I guess part of the crux here is that I do use the Indominus often - she’s in my line-up - but I think I’ve fought her more times than I’ve used her at my ranking and to me it’s a mixed but manageable bag. The cloak-dodge is so inherent to her usage that I simply assume it’s a 2-turn cannon that my opponent WILL fire, and I plan according to that. I’ve accidentally killed an Indominus with my Einiasuchus before the kit and was so surprised I actually got a little flustered because I was expecting her to die, and was already plannign what to do with her replacement! :wink:

But to bring it back around, considering the suggested alternative, this still sounds like like a post to further nerf the Indominus (and possibly the Indoraptor?) rather than opposition to the dodge mechanic, does it not? If a 1x damage, 1-turn 50% dodge is preferable?


cloak dinos are faster than shield dinos and indom and erlidom are immune to instant cripple. instant invincibility takes a turn to set up so you cant swap and use it or put up a shield of any kind (except maybe tragodistis vs indom but trag gets 1 shot by indoraptor so hes garbage imo).

instant invincibility is less reliable since both nullifying and defense shattering remove it.

indominus is like a rex with long usable arms, it would be a great counter attacker since it can use both arms and jaws to attack (and did so in the movie).


multiple turns of 50% chance to dodge is just too random. i just think its best if some randomness is removed. not all, but if you do the same match 2x in a row going 3-0 or 0-3 should not depend on multiturn 50% dodge moves.


Instant Incincibility is a turn-2 skill, just like the eventual Indominus attack. It’s entirely useful there.

Indominus does not have Nullifying attacks, nor does it destroy shields. Neither does Erlidominus. It looks like Indoraptor does destroy shields, but it’s also got a 3-turn dodge… yeesh. Okay, that IS a long time.

Indominus and Erlidominus can have their cloak removed by Nullifying, same as anyone with Instant Invincibility.

Without the destruction of shields, Indominus will still be a poorer substitute for T-Rex without the Dodge mechanic.


I haven’t seen that as a big deal since the irex barely withstand 2 rounds(it’d have been lucky enough already). As soon as I red the new update announce referring the new dodge ability I would have suggested to swap this ability on indo with cloak on irex if I knew the forum early enough. And I, too, agree with the fact that gambling element is not of any strategy nor is it part of fun. When u have seen so many Irex either outbreak for one round or does nothing at all and die, you’d think hard on this.


Question then: what do you think of Tragodistis’ Long Invincibility?


indoraptor was soooo much better before the update. could literally cloak and get a 4x armor+shield destroying attack and basically one-shot anything in the game. i got a critical with it once and it was like 7600 damage :scream:. wouldn’t trade that for one additional turn of praying dodge works.


except unless you have the instant invincibility dino already out it cant use it which is what i said. im not going to sit here and argue all day about it.

im tired of going 3-0 because my dodge dinos dodge every time and then next match going 0-3 to similar opponents because wasting turns and never dodging and dieing before hitting.

nothing else in the entire game has that much of a factor in whether you win or lose.

i dont care much what they do in place, but id rather the outcome of an entire battle not be decided by flipping coins over and over.

1 turn 100% dodge, 1x attack and 50% dodge until next attack (keep or drop the 2x on next hit), counter attack for 2-3 turns. there are plenty of better options instead of lets flip a coin to see if you win or lose.


tragodistis sucks including long invincibility. tank killers ignore it and its hp are pitifully low that many tank killers can 1 shot it regardless of 2 turn invincibility. just toss a couple tank killers in your lineup and swap to one if they use tragodistis. it hits so weakly that it wont hurt you to swap and then take a free kill or two.