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Remove dracos swap in rend?

Swap ins attack moves aren’t fun and really annoying to deal with. I’m thinking of making it a fierce/resilient creature. maybe some suggestions for it’s hybrid too

are you talking about dracoceratops or dracorex g2 or even DracoRat? if its the rat then might I add it already has a superhybrid, dracoceratosaurus I think is what it is

Personally, I say it should be 33%. That puts it in line with rending counter attackers.

Dracocerato can keep the 40%, since she’s the hybrid. My opinion, of course.


i think they should all recieve a buff where the moves destroys shield cuz it literally isn’t a rend


Short answer: no, it’s not ridiculously overpowered and while its annoying, a competent player should be able to bring it down

Long answer: No, changing draco’s unique playsyle of a more offensive support creature (akin to pterosaurs being the defensive version of this idea, except that idea has not been realized yet) would a) ruin a perfectly fine creature and b) remove a very important creature in the legendary meta.
For reference, here’s all legendary swappers,

Notice how Draco is the only fierce, and the only one that focuses on direct damage. All other focus on either defensive effects, are RNG reliant, don’t prioritize damage, or multiple of the above. While it can be a pain to deal with, you can use anti swappers like Grylenken or Spinonyx (not specifically against Draco, but useful against other creatures so Draco can’t come in), swap punishers (creatures that become harder to deal with when you swap against them) like Acrocanthops, Indominus, and Allosino, or rend resistants like Mono or Cevia. Most players tend to run at least one of those creatures, so I don’t think finding a counter is a problem.

Turning Draco into a 1v1 machine also doesn’t make sense considering how most of the legendary meta is 1v1 based, with dominant creatures being Mono, Mammo, Indominus, and Alloraptor to an extent*. We don’t really need another one when there are so many other creatures that could do the 1v1 job.

*Alloraptor’s unique kit what with locking it’s best moves behind delays lends it better to revenge killing, especially given its low HP and speed


Couldn’t disagree with you more, boring Dino with a boring mechanic that allows less skilled players a crutch to lean on. All swap in damage should be nerfed, not obliterated but nerfed


It’s only boring when you allow it, you could easily run a relevant team that could handle Draco easily, and while the basic Swap In to CI is a little bland, but note that you can’t sweep teams with it (anymore). I also don’t get why it’s a crutch, as simply swapping it in to a creature within range is usually a misplay. You don’t know what your opponent had next and it’s usually asking to be revenge killed. I grinder the heck out of the recent legendary tourney, I ran into a lot of people using this “crutch” mentality and they were steamrolled, usually going 3-0 or 3-1

I think it’s regarded as a crutch because so many people rely on it to win battles, especially when it comes to speedy dinos (their speed is what saves cunnings, so watching them fall to something that was slower, but deemed ‘faster’ by the game mechanics, is frustrating, particularly when you can’t see it coming like you would an instant charge for example). I’ve seen so many people rely on this thing, it’s led me to some easy wins.

That said, nothing annoys me more when it swaps in, gets a crit and KOs my dino. Especially when you realise that, if DC didn’t do that, you would have won easily, because it’s a team with crutches (lv30 fully boosted Thor vs lv25 unboosted Tryko, for instance). It’s just yet another frustration.


What do you mean by crutch?

Change it from rend back into an armor piercing swap in attack


Maybe replace the rend with swapin defense shattering rampage.


a part of me thinks this is a bad idea…

Why do I hear boss music?


You guys complain all the time. Nerf Mono, Nerf Sicorixis, Removed Thor from the game, Nerf DracoRat, Buff this buff that… Pff. The Meta changes every other update for good or for bad , some benefit from it and other get their Dinos ruined. Wait for next Updates Ludia will come up always with new more powerful Dinos to counter old ones so enjoy the game.


Well if you were going to do that we would probably need to give it greater emergency heal and swap prevention and maybe instant rampage so as not to make it OP

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Dracoceratops is probably the easiest Legendary to create & evolve. What about getting out and grinding the GLOBAL ANYTIME dna instead of taking the easy way out by asking for a nerf? Heck, you don’t even have to get out and grind. Just sit on your sofa and run those gigas while we got em.

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That’s what’s up.

“Get out and grind and get it”… I had enough DNA to get it to 30 before anything else and I don’t run it or.humt it’s components. It’s crutch because it requires no strategy or skill, your opponent can’t out play it because nothing happens before its attack. It’s a way to sneak 1 past someone who out played you, that equals crutch. It is by no means the only dino of this style bit you may have noticed it is by far the most common because it’s easy to level. This is not one of those “if you can’t beat it” situation as I see it every game and typically consider it a poor move by my opponent bit it’s boring and takes no skill to use.


I like this, gives more reason for the hybrid instead of cheap dracocera. probably 25% is what I would do so there’s even more reason going for it’s hybrid

is is like a simple rending attack, it rends but doesn’t destroy shields