Remove Owen from the map or give us an option to turn it off

Dear devs please try to tell them about this like how we have an option to turn on and off the vibration. Nothing against Chris Pratt, but seriously the slow down reminder does nothing but add to the lag or just generally ruin your dart opening sessions even before the major lag and now is probably a general contributing factor to the horrendous performance of the map whenever it has to pop up every few minutes. Surely this is a simple thing they can take care off and will most likely help with the current overcrowded state of the map thank you


I believe it’s required to be there so the company isn’t liable for anyone who gets in a accident and blames them. Yes it is annoying tho


After the idiots during the PoGo original hype that walked into traffic, or the ones who walked into a river, or the ones who walked off a small cliff edge, or the countless other eejits who played whilst driving, they legally had to put in protections cause some big brain individuals decided that the company should be blamed rather than the people with 0 common sense. Still trying to wrap my head around it