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Remove "partner up" from Daily missions, please


You get zero rewards for battling friends so it’s just a really boring quest and when you have “Partner up” as a daily quest it’s really hard to find someone to play against. Maybe it’s just my friends but I have a lot of people on my friend-list and sometimes it takes me all day to find someone who will play.

It’s probably fun for best friends to play against eachother but please remove it from the Daily quests. I hate getting stuck on that quest everytime.


Are you in alliance? We message each other and find out who has time for friendly battles. Usually don’t have to wait too long.


Send me a request I have the same problem I always have to wait for my husband to be home to Knock that out

MrsVlazqz 4658

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Yes, I am and we do that too. When others are online I’m not and I see them have asked for friendly chellenges and when I ask for it no one is online or already completed their quest.

If you have completed the quest there is no reason to do it again the same day. It’s just really boring when you doesn’t get any rewards.


Friendly battles also count toward the alliance missions battles, so there’s that too. :smiley:


Feel free to add me, I’m always up for a battle.
Wilshire #4332


I love the friendly battles. I enjoy them more than the regular arena battles just because it’s a level playing field.

The only daily mission that catches me out is the “collect rare DNA” one.


wether or not its fun doesnt mean it has a place in daily missions. Everything else can be done solo and sometime i have an hour window to play and nobody is on for that time frim so i lose the reward over and over again. has probably happed 5 times already with anky and a bit more than rex. remove it!


@Delta…I found fusing rares counts toward your collecting of rares. I always have something to fuse just to knock that mission out.


@MrBig Good to know. Enough Einasuchus to fuse!

Easy solution really. Add everybody in your Alliance as a friend. And add some people from the recent battles list. Often times they will request you for a friendly first!


That’s great to know, thanks!


…I feel so ashamed that I never thought of this. Thanks! :smiley:


Here’s a tip for that one. Fusing for Rare Hybrids counts towards it. :grinning:

Edit: Well, someone beat me to that one. :joy:

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No,im happy to test for free (no trophy count ) my team on equal level.


Fusing works for the epic and “any” DNA missions too. :smiley:


writes this down


Wilshire I just sent you a friend request. Clevtam730. Just looking for friendly battles while online. Thanks. Level 12 with 2588 trophies. Thanks.

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No, don’t remove friendly battles from daily missions.

Friendly battles in daily missions count for:

  1. Friendly battles

  2. Battles

So you kill two dinos with one Draco (lol nice spin on the old saying :joy:)

Friendly battles also count for battles for alliance missions. So they are very useful in many ways.