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Remove pay to win, and I'll pay you for it!


Though I do realise that the current p2w model is probably far too profitable to consider changing it, here’s my thoughts on it nevertheless.

I’ve never spent a dime on any game that goes the p2w -way. It’s become a principle I stand firmly by, as I despise the model and philosophy behind it.

I really like JWA though, and I’ve put quite a few hours into it. I’d pay for cosmetics: e.g.: realistic feathered dino skins, a map skin with more trees and jungle, more detailed fact-based dino biographies, even AR as a paid feature, etc…

Yes, I think you’ve deserved a few bucks. But while I would pay for an “overpriced cosmetic skin” (if nothing but as a way of saying “thank you”), paying to win just isn’t an option for me - it’s a deal-breaker.

Just food for thought.


@IanMalcolm you’re quite right! But mobile gaming won’t ever go that way, not in the near future anyway. It is a shame but all these developers are tied to their shareholders who have the real chokehold, and they don’t care if it’s mobile gaming bringing in the dividends or the latest in fruit blenders, if it’s brining in the cash there won’t be a change.

Fortnite is something that somewhat breaks the mould but those are few and far between unfortunately :frowning:


Right on point. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hope for a revolutionary change here - but it has to be said :slight_smile:

“Hopefully, one day…”


I think you’re wrong, like in Jurassic World THE GAME, you are fighting Bots most of time, when you are fighting against Hoskins he usually use stronger Dino than yours, so I thing we are on the same case, there is’nt enough player ranked as you.


Now if only the VIP allows us to give our Dino nicknames as a cosmetic feature. Plenty of people will be doing it. And you’ll know if the strong opponent is a human.


I think you might have misunderstood me @Lian. I got nothing against the difficulty / speed of progress, I’m just not a fan of the p2w model.

I think the normal “difficulty” is pretty much ok. I just don’t like that you e.g. got the choice to instantly buy yourself an epic.


This game is okay. It would be great if it wasn’t pay to win.


Luckily there’s still one AR game out there that’s not p2w and it’s the original AR game: Ingress.


The thing I hate about pay to win games is I live in Canada there for that $9.99 VIP membership on JWA is now $12.99 for me meaning I would pay an extra $36 on the membership for a year meaning I could get 3 months for free and my $6 back in the bank


But it isn’t even really a pay-to-win model, it’s a pay-for-(small)-advantage. Actually it’s pay one-hell-of-a-lot and get not very much back in return. I for one think it would work better if there was a one-off cost for the game (free version/premium), this kind of game doesn’t warrant a monthly subscription that would cost you what… £100 a year?!! That’s actually quite insane, when you think you can buy full games (not just a mobile app) for much less ‘and own it’.


Ludia is all about p2w, look at their other products.


When you go into battle and you beat 3 dino’s before they beat yours, you’ve won! There is no end game win unless you want to scratch and claw your way into the top 50. Or maybe you want to collect all the dino’s like collecting all the Pokemon.

The fun is in finding the dino’s or making the ones you want and making them stronger. The enjoyment is in the journey and that is all this game is… a continuous journey.

For me, the challenge in getting my team up which is also helping me to lose a few pounds in all that extra walking and riding I"m doing.

Once this starts to feel like a job, I’ll quit.