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Remove Sanctuary resorce cap on supply drops

I believe that the supply drops should not have a cap on the sanctuary resources.Sanctuaries are another way of getting DNA just like firing darts so there is no reason for a cap. This would encourage people especially people who have smaller alliances to keep playing throughout the day to level their sanctuaries rather than stopping as soon as they can no longer feed, interact, or play with anything. It is already best to only interact with the dinosaurs every three hours, but people would be able to feed/interact/play with more than just one creature per day in the sanctuary every three hours for best DNA returns.

Furthermore, due to the Covid 19 situation, people are at home more and cannot always reach enough of the green stops to even get the 2 that you can get from it. If the cap was removed, they would be able to spin as many stops as they want from home and not have to worry about ‘‘missing out’’ on some of the sanctuary resources for the day.


The problem with this would be that exclusive dna could be farmed quickly, I.e a sanc with only brachis meaning that maxima would be much more common. This would be true for EVERY exclusive creature as well, defeating the point of exclusivity

It would not be that quick since the returns are very small after the creatures have been interacted with.

Also, related to the covid issue, this would make farming dna in your area easier since giga scents are still location based.