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Remove speed boost from the game

ludia please rwmove speed boost from the game
Aren’t you tier of seeing speed demon thors all over the arena?
If it wasn’t for the fact that speed boost exist pvp right now wouldn’t be one big steaming pile of UNFAIR GARBAGE!!!

I agree that speeding up (SB) is a huge problem but removing it from the game is not the correct solution to solve this. People spent money on these increases and I doubt they would get any refunds in the form of real money. I believe there are several ways to correct this, such as:

• Increasing 2 speed points would cost 200 and not 100


• Just increasing 1 speed point and not 2 as it is today.


a long answer could be to buff everything, then people’s speed boosts would need to be more varied, short answer is to nerf all boosts by 1/2. personally i don’t care about boosts. i have monsters, i face monsters, altho i only really have 1 boosted monster and a very boosted gemeni which isn’t a monster

Might be an idea to rework the speed tiers as well as boosts? Right now resilient base speed is often comparable to fierce which is a bit weird when it concerns a huge lumbering sauropod and a relatively agile carnivore.


Fierce gets ‘immune to slow for one/two turns’ on some attacks instead of or in addition to the useless ‘cleanses vulnerable’.

Now concerning boosts:
Fully boosting speed should be enough to make the dino as fast as something at the top of the next tier up. Will have to see what that does. Tweaking is always an option but with speed tiers more straightforward balancing should be easier to do.

Hopefully that accomplishes the following:
Resilient gets countered as hard by fierce as it counters cunning.
Nitro fierce is less appealing.
Fierce and cunning in a better spot.


I honestly think we’ll need two types of arena. One with boosts, one without. People can choose where they battle.

I also think that speed boosts are one of the reasons the game is broken. But removing them now would be kinda unfair to those who invested a lot to get these.

It was suggested many times that Ludia could give us no-boosts arenas but of course they won’t do it lol.

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I was thinking a potential rework to boosts as well instead of getting rid of speed boosts all together.

My proposal is simple, each class gets 1 attribute that allows for 1 boost(100) to allow for two points.

resilient class would get +2 to health and +1 for speed and attack.

cunning would get +2 to speed and +1 for attack and health

fierce +2 to attack and +1 to speed and health.

dual classes might be tricky but that just the basic idea idk if its a good one but just a thought.


personally think that just widening the gap between slowest speed and fastest a bit would alleviate some of this. more speed tiers would allow for less speed ties and more options to differentiate creatures some more.


U mean like velo having 150 speed that could fix nitro thor for sure, tho then again maybe slowing moves would have to slow down by 75% or even 100% for resilients to still effectivly counter cunnings.

there could be moves that do that but not all moves would need to slow 75% or 100%. the wider gap would allow for resil and fierce to spread out as well. and cunnigns could still be beaten with high armor stats if the speed doesn’t fall below the resil creature’s


I think they would also need to fix resistances against speed because in my opinion they are useless in (practically) all situations. Unless you’re doing a resilient v. resilient, I never saw a point on speed resistance unless it’s immunity.


So instead of removing speed boost ludia should nerf speed boost?

I think that’d be the solution. You know, the kind that is a true compromise that neither side would truly appreciate so Ludia would take heat either way. :wink:

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Speed boosts should increase a creature’s speed by percentage instead of flat numbers.


So let’s make arena like skill tournaments and let the Americans/Canadians dominate arena because the rest of the world doesn’t deserve to be top of the leaderboard?

Removing speed boosts in the current arena situation is as good as killing the game. Only the well off can play arena since they have the best phones and wireless networks (data/wifi). There is no way someone outside the Americas can even stand a chance given how often mirror matches occur. Essentially removing speed boosts from the game is giving 1.speed boost to every Canadian player and the rest.of us get none.

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I doubt it’s possible, we need an unboosted arena instead

Lol never ever in any life time would it be wise to remove or tamper with boosts that people ether dumped big money or farmed. Best advise is learn to be patient and you’ll get there. Focus boosting one Dino at at time and again patience is key.

Just make them add 1 speed instead of 2. That way we wont have Thors with more speed than a velociraptor.