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Remove speed boosts from the game

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And this is my team

Replace allo and indominus with tryko and quetzorion

Unfortunately, that is likely to never happen.

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As time goes on the boosts situation will just get worse and worse.

Those players who have been around for over a year will have loads of boosts now.

Because of Giga scents, alliance rewards and championships it’s quite possible to get to 4500 in a few months. So unless you spend big money to catch up on the boosts you’ll never catch up.

I suggest building a team more suited to your boosts available.

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@Schtemty is right - that ship has sailed I am afraid. I would just get used to a slow grind and try to be happy where you are at. Someone will always have deeper pockets so they can buy their way to the top. Speed boosts are by far the worst for throwing things out of whack.

Take solice in the knowledge that the person who took tryko to 132 will ultimately regret the decision.