Remove speed decrease resistance

And replace it with full immunity. What is the purpose of giving this resistance to dinos? 130 speed will still drop below 100 at 50% resistance, 75% resistance something like 105 speed you will always be slower then the dino that can apply it and as such you are not “resisting” it. Give any dinos that have “resistance” full immunity. I understand that cunning is supposed to be countered by resilant, the speed was just the highest base speed to show just how stupid “resistance” is. A slower dino such as chompers will obviously be even slower so even boosts wont help.


It is useful in some scenarios…
if two creatures decelerate each other, then the creature with some of speed decrease resistance will faster than the other creature…
Lets take an example of Ailurarctus(Panda) and Nodopatosaurus having same speed (106), they both decrease each other’s speed… Since the Panda is more resistant to speed decrease than the Nodopato…Hence It will be faster than the Nodopato even after speed decrease effect…


75% resistance is helpful on faster creatures like spinocon, ankydac and even mrhino

Even 50% can have some uses on erlidom if you really want to boost it’s speed (although it is still mostly useless)


Speedup effects also make it useful in some cases like edom.

Partial crit reduction is the useless resistance since only 100% works. Id rather remove it than fix it to lessen rng


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