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Remove Stat Boosts...PLEASE

I’ve had this game since the day it came out, and I know I’m not the only one who remembers the battles before stat boosts. I’ve done lots of testing over a long period of time and found stat boosts very unfair. They’re available for purchase every once in a while, which makes a pay to win system. Ive also found that it van make manu animals unbeatable that should not be. I’ve had common creatures beat my legendary and unique creatures,
which I don’t see as fair. It would be more fair for everyone if they were removed all together, and based the game on actual skill and technique, and not how boosted your creatures are.


And then what would you do about speedties?


Also people use stat boosts for strikes events and raids and campaign.

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before the stat boosts they made these events easier so they weren’t required, I’m sure it’s an easy fix, and again helps rely on skill rather than brute forcing it you know?

it would be based on level like it is now, and when they are the same level, it’s however clicks first, it would remain how it is

Speedties on strike events campaign makes it less fair because the bot guarantees to go first.

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We’ve had stat boosts long enough that they can’t be removed, we’re in too deep. Some people have spent and are still spending lots $ on them, and there’s no way ludia would give refunds for them as it would take a huge amount of currency away from them leaving quite a big dent in the company which may affect the game, and their a company and this is one of the ways they have been making money. And besides, they are needed for raids and strike events as those can be nearly impossible without em.


I’m sure a trade off could be made in that regard, like us knowing what the move is first in incubator events as an example

Mmm ok, so you’re saying that it’s basically closest person to Montreal wins? How is that any better? Not everyone can mash buttons like a speed runner (or ex one if you’re me), so why hurt them by taking away their chance to remedy that, not mention that so many have dropped money into boosts.


What @Snake_Dude said which was no refunds.

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Boosts also definitely have their merits. They help in raids (you can’t expect Ludia do design every creature’s base stats to be perfect for every raid strat), they allow for variety to some extent in the arena and they help with speed ties (which right now, if you didn’t know, heavily favour people living close to Montreal with really good internet, which means that you can (and most definitely will, if you’ve ever seriously tried to climb in a skill tournament) win and lose battles just based on where you live as opposed to actually playing skilfully or grinding more, which is just stupid imo and objectively unfair).


Everyone has already pointed out the issues you have not thought through. You have only thought about how it affects you in the arena.

There’s raids, which are impossible without boosts. Yes they could nerf raids, but that defeats the purpose of them. People having been buying boosts for like forever, so think about the financial backlash for Ludia. They are a business after all.

Try thinking of a different solution besides simply removing them.

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Boosts now are entrenched in the game. Had Ludia not made them as oppressive as they did from the start, they would be less a problem.

Some FTP players have hoarded enough to actually be better than others so they dun even affect the FTP aspect.of the game.

Arena is toxic and with stat boosts it feels more toxic.

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My suggestion

Don’t take boosts out totally, limit them so that each creature class couldn’t boost the 1 stat that should be its weakness:

Fierce shouldn’t be able to boost speed.
Resilients shouldn’t be able to boost attack.
Cunnigs shouldn’t be able to boost health.

Problem solved.

We all know that the biggest problem are speedy thors and mortems and overtly powerfull resilients, so let’s actually bring their one weakness back and… voila… BALANCE!


What about dual-class hybrids?

Sorry, but only a small (but maybe vocal) minority thinks that speedy Thors and Mortems are a big issue.

Maybe in lower arenas. But in the end-game they are not relevant anymore.

A lot of people reach top ranks without them. But how many teams you see without, for example, Tryko? And once everybody has them at 30, Lux and Magnus will be the biggest issue.




Until they don’t balance creatures normally and find a way to solve speed ties(doubt this will ever happen) boosts need to stay. If they remove boosts now in current RNG battle system, then I’m out. Probably many other players too. Have enough torture in skill tournaments after 2.0, so don’t want experience the same in arena.

Sadly, but after 2.0 boosts make arena at least playable.


I am an end-game player and trust me, they still are a huge problem even in Shores, especially Mortems, and from what I gather, EVERYONE has a problem with them…

And yes, Tryko is on every team, but you never have a problem to find a counter to it, cause people very rarely boost its speed into oblivion as they do with thors and mortems, which only adds up to my proposed solution

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I was thinking about that, maybe they could be limited by their dominant class, in accordance to their attacks, or limited in a way that they could only apply 15, 10 and 5 boosts within the three stats, for example Tryko could only apply 5 to speed, 10 to health and 15 to attack, since it’s mainly fierce with resilient features.

And wild cards could have a system of a maximum 10 boosts per stat