Remove strike events once completed


Can’t we remove the tower the same way the chests are after they’ve been completed? That way, we can get at those dinos trapped inside!


yes please! 20202020


You would think this would be an easy task as they could copy most the code to do this from the treasure chest workings and make minor adjustment to what disappears and doesn’t show for the people who have completed them.


Yes, please! Not only would it solve the trapped dino issue, but the issue of strike towers blocking green park event drops, as well.



But…would have to do something for those that are unable to complete said event though. My dinos are too low level to be able to beat every single one. :frowning:

They are slowly getting there though.


Like I did make a suggestion earlier to allow us to opt out of them if we don’t want to do them, in case we are unable to complete them. Once you opt out, you CANNOT do said event. Or to have dinos spawn at least 5m away from supply drops and have the park ones not be apart of the strike events, though I’ve never seen them as a strike event but I’ll take your word for it. ^^