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Remove Swap Prevention from Nasutoceratops

He’s arguably one of the best rare nonhybrids right now. A swapper that can easily hold his ground against anything after swapping. At least Swap Prevention should counter him well, why is he immune to it?


Why he has immunity to swap ? Simple answer because of exclusivity and Lydia


This is sick how much they value exclusivity. Even without that resistance, Nasuto would be one of the strongest rare nonhybrids. He has tools to deal with both cunnings and fierce. As a swapper. This is sick. At least No Escape creatures would counter him well

Btw I don’t understand why exclusivity matters in tournaments at all. It shouldn’t, for diversity’s sake

In nasuto’s case it isn’t realy execlusivity, if it they would legitemenly follow the rule the meta would be far more balanced

The resistance should be removed for sure, but if they did value execluvity in tournaments andrew would be useless.