Remove the attack from the Dracoceraptos and Dragers Gen 2, is too powerful and a dinosaur very easy to get >:(

Remove X2 from Dracorex and Dracoceraptos


if it is very easy to get you can use it also right? I suggest using one of them (most likely dracocera) if not than please don’t ruin the fun for all of us using these dinos :slight_smile:

What do you mean the “fun for all of us”???

At least 80% of the playerbase hates it, it’s the other way around, you Dracoce-RAT-OP-s worshippers ruin the game for everybody else.

Also, literally everyone in the top 10 and top 100 uses it, that’s the definition of a toxic character balance and design, that you HAVE TO use it, because it is busted OP, uncounterable nonsense.

(the jumbo rat itself can be punished, but the Sia crap is uncounterable itself).


80% of the playerbase? can you please show me the stats for this?
Also do you use dracocera? :slight_smile:

Oh and by the top 100 use it so ludia should also nerf thor/magna or any other dino that most of the top players use because it shows that it is too OP?

I am just so fed up with the daily nerf dracocera posts :smiley: If ludia will nerf it they will but stop crying out loud every day because you don’t like a dino or have a hard time countering it.

We have a lot of problems in the arena that should be priority (matchmaking, arena droppers, evasive going crazy, 75% stuns failing all the time, 5% crits ruining matches and so on) but yeah of course let’s all blame dracocera for everything that is bad in the world :smiley:


excuse me? :smiley: so now we are getting personal?
That will surely prove you are an intelligent human being right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I run by many names but filthy rat is not one of them :smiley:

We can argue about dracocera if you want but not like this :slight_smile:


No, I don’t, I know how to play and strategise without relying on a cheapshot my opponent cannot do anything about.

Evasive and Cloak can be nullified, its your own fault if you are killed by those and not having enough nullifiers on your team.

What is the reliable counter to SIA Rampage again? :thinking:

I am perfectly capable of killing the jumbo rat, thank you very much for the concern.

And yes, there are 3 other dinosaurs that everyone HAS TO have in the top 100 to compete, and I have been continously saying those need adjustments as well but this is not the topic of that issue, so let’s not have that argument.


LOL… if it only were that simple…

It’s ok to hate Draco, but why in the world do some of you feel this need to insult those who use it? C’mon, grow up. It’s just a freaking game.


I am really happy to hear that you have no problem countering dracocera.
About the nullifiers you know that I should run at least 5 of them to be sure to have one available in a battle right ? :smiley: (because of the random team selection)
I don’t even know if there are 5 good nullifying dinos out there.

Well the best counter would be your own SIA rampage dino :slight_smile: I am pretty sure you are a high level player so you could level up your own dracocera pretty high

I understand your point of view and respect it, but for me dracocera is needed to counter the RNG that this game has or that I go up against 4-5 level higher dinos than mine.

Without this “cheap” dino I could just b@nd over :smiley: and let the player who dropped down in the arena destroy me. Yeah that would be fun :smiley:

but still no one asked for a swap-in meta with dracorex gen2 we still had to deal with it. Now we have the legendary :smiley: maybe 1.7 will give us the unique dracocera and we can all be happy because it is at least “hard” to get

This I guess you use it - is pretty redundant. When it’s like 98%.

Ludia gave us a gift. Rude not to use it.

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gj man!! you almost lost there. pheww

I hate the rat but i still run it as it is just the way to go at the moment until meta changes i will run him

Then you will run into Dracoce-RAT-OP-s that are 3 levels higher than your team that will completely shut you down.

I always make teams that can handle opponents 3 levels higher, that has been the case since the Stegodeus meta, and you don’t need the Ratkid for that. On the other hand if the opponent has it overleveled you will be stomped into the ground I guarantee that to you.

Edit: Suchotator, Monostegotops, Magnapyritor, Proceratomimus, Tyrannolophosaurus, Edmontoguanodon, Diplotator, Tanycolagreus are all good nullifier dinos

true :slight_smile: suchotator I like, monostego and magna both on my team. Procera is too RNG dependent for me but yeah still a really good dino (and only an epic). I sadly never had an overlevelled tany and too scared to level it past 20 because she should get a super strong and cool legendary or unique version.

I face dracocera users daily as you do :slight_smile: but even if you have a strong dino if you can’t use it properly you won’t win. Most of the dracocera users swap-in as fast as they can to defeat a dino. After that you can set up your own heavy hitter to take dracocera out or punish the swap-out.

I get more angry when I have a chance to win but RNG says nooo :smiley: dracocera doesn’t make my blood boil


I have actualy swapped out a dino just because i was expecting the rat to come in and kill me off for them to do the same and i ended up losing anyways even though none of us had 1 in team



You have swap-in stun, instant charge, many that can align with your team’s profile. Swap-in Dsr is totally no brainer for the rat users, but definitely more challenging to us rat counters. To offset the disadvantage you just build one your own, nonsense.


im actually writing a book on how to effectively use the dracoceratops. ill just publish it now since its actually just one page. actually only one sentence. here goes it…

if scared to lose, quickly deploy the dracoceratops(jumborat) to inflict a 2k+ damage cheapshot and make feel all better inside…


Well sadly this is the name of the game. Have higher level dinos than your opponent.

If your dino is higher it will go first in a speed tie (indo vs indo; dracocera vs thor; thor vs tenonto; and so on)

I truly understand that dracocera can be frustrating but don’t channel your hate towards people who disagree :slight_smile: blame ludia :smiley: