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Remove the attack from the Dracoceraptos and Dragers Gen 2, is too powerful and a dinosaur very easy to get >:(

Stop your toxic troll,the only priority and biggest issue you can saw on the itunes comments talks about dracocera.
Your fed up about the thread?then don’t go on the forum.
Your fed up about RNG?well since you have launch the game,it was here.
So either you like the game or you quit it.
For dracocera,no worry,it will be fixed soon for sure.
Ludia have surely notice his mistake and will fix it,even metahub wrote an article about it

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how else would we win strike events?

I am no troll, this is:

To be honest not everyone thinks about only the arena, most of us are glad that we have something useful to defeat strike towers with.


Ok, unpopular opinion, and I’m not saying Dracoceratops is fair, but RNG is way worse. U don’t know how many matches I’ve lost becuz Indoraptor dodged 6 times or Stegod crit 3 times… RNG is just dumb luck, Draco requires at least some skill, and its more fair, since everybody can use it. And yes everybody says rng will add up to fair eventually but that doesnt seem to ever happen for me. So I think that unless RNG gets nerfed somehow first, that Dracoceratops shouldnt get nerfed. Its my only chance at winning any battles at all, and yes I lose to it too, but not nearly as much as I lose to RNG.


If it was only able in strike tower,ofc i would’nt even comment but the key part of game is exploration and arena,strikes tower come only every 24h,so you can’t develop the game only around it

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hopefully we can reach middle ground soon :slight_smile:

I usually battle only for the incubators in the arena so my ranking doesn’t matter me, but I understand if someone is more competitive in that aspect of the game

Oh by the way have you already hunt down some sweet unique dna? and what are you working on?

I wrote something about it ,Dracocera and RNG are both things which mess up arena actually.
And if you go further,the only creatures you see in arena acutally mostly have shattering abilities or bleed.
Ludia should develop something either immune to crit or can actually use crit against his opponent.
And the same for those who play with the “dodge skills” :slight_smile:Whats about a counter to RNG?

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Yea we should have a meta where all types of dinos are relevant and where skill matters.

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yup,actually i agree there is part of luck in the meta.
But we should have “something” to counter those luck facts!
A battle should’nt rely only on luck

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well I am afraid that from ludias’ perspective the only counter to luck/RNG is that players spend more to improve team level to cope with it.

yup,they have start to go in a wrong direction but there is always solutions.
But they have to start to work on it.The further we go in the game,and more the battle become RNG dependant.

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yeah you are right, mostly matches are going down to whose 75% stun will land or 50% will dodge or something like this :slight_smile:

but there is always hope :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate it very much

Dont we all?

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Why did Ludia want to keep this dino with same stats?

What happen when everyone soon overlevel them?

Why did you resurrect this dead thread? The complaints about DC have been overdone and the conclusion is the same. Not everyone will be satisfied but there are ways to counter it so just chill and try to have fun.

It depends in what arena you play.

In areas where people overlevel them and going crazy, because few players having dinos who can oneshoot.

You may as well have fun with it :hear_no_evil:

I agree I hate them with a passion