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Remove the Boring Emoticon

Just had a good battle with someone. They lost by a narrow margin and I was just about the thank them when then sent over a ‘boring’ emoticon. What a crybaby… We had a good battle, they lost by a small amount and so now it’s boring?!

Admittedly I have used this a couple of times myself, when someone trots out an incredibly overboosted, lvl 30 Thor. Still, I probably shouldn’t have. No matter how I feel about it they have put their valuable time, money and effort into the thing. The battle is a foregone conclusion at that point, but there is still no reason to be rude to them. Where’s that concede button Ludia?

The fact is, this emoticon has only one purpose, to antagonize the other player, by saying that battling you was not worth the time or effort.

I am iffy on the emoticons overall honestly, but feel that this one should be removed. Battling is a pain in the rear grind as it is, In my humble opinion we don’t really need people dissing each other during or after a battle.


Which one is the boring one lol


I totally use the boring emoji when a 140 speed Thor or a 5k HP rat pops up.

These configurations are designed for quick and easy* wins … which are boring in their very nature.

Can’t help that the action looks like someone flipping the :duck:. :sweat_smile:


Agree, some times you need to figure out the damage you need to kill a dino and make a decision, we don’t need nasty people pushing over, that’s why we have a clock

Every time they use the boring emoticon I will take all the time just to teach them to be polite.


I muted that crap before I even did my first battle after installing the new update. I had a feeling it would be abused as much as the dislike button and comments section on YouTube, and I was right! Plenty of immature, giggly, trolling bullies play these games and I have no patience for their shenanigans.




Turn it off. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. I actually think we need an even ruder emoji, just so I have something to spam when a 147 thor stomps out.


I agree @Hersh, and that’s how I have used it. Still think that the point of it is to antagonize the other player - it’s a taunt.

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Ha - see? You’re using it that same way I did.

I will have to look and see if there is a way to just permanently turn it off. Don’t want to have to do it as I start each battle.

I do admit, I sometime do like thanking people for playing and congratulating people for a game well-played, if they surprise me.


I did want a Boo! Emoticon for when Dracoceratops turned up but it would be rude.

I only use Good Luck and Well Played.


Oh it absolutely is.
I just consider it a counter-taunt to the initial taunt of someone leading with this:


When you turn it off it stays off until you turn it on again.



and characters…

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If I turn it off, does it mean the opponent can’t use theirs on me?


As I remember the notes, yes. Both parties need it on for it to function.

I use the boring emote when they insist on dragging out the clock to the last second before making an attack or swapping in dinos. I also use the “well played” one as sarcastically as possible when they swap in the Rat or Mexichicken. If it is a genuinely good and clean battle I will use the happy emote followed by a Thanks message.

I only use two.
I start the battle with good luck, and if it’s a good one finish with well played.


I have a hard time taking this post seriously. Do you not have any online PvP experience?
Considering the borderline psycothic toxicity I’ve seen and heard playing Overwatch, a trash talk masked as a playful jab as “Boring” is absolutely nothing.
I would have been more disappointed if they added a chat feature for online PvP battle that’s just some ready phrases and emojis, and none of them was even mildly trashtalky. I have personally not used that emoji yet, but complaining about something that mild is baffling to me.

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Same but I did have a player send me the yawn emote because I put evasive on My Indoraptor Gen1 when I was on just over 1000 HP, straight after the emote Dracoceratops came out it’s attack was evaded and I took it out so I sent the thumbs up emote and won the battle.

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Ha! I thought I was the only one doing this.