Remove the Daily mission for Campaign once all completed

I understand promoting the new Campaign after the work put in to revamp it, but at the bare minimum, completing all missions in both difficulty levels should be a point at which you stop getting those daily missions. The special objectives for the extra awards should be treated as optional, not pushed.


If you replay them, it still works as the daily mission

Plus, whats an extra three minutes to play 2 levlels


It’s just useless at that point. All the other missions come with some kind of in-game progress, gathering extra resources etc. This is just an isolated task that you don’t feel like doing, and do it for the sole purpose of the daily reward. It’s a very un-fun mechanic

Again, the campaign is made for replayability, whether the soecific mission is fully complete or not

I am well aware re-doing the same campaign mission counts for the daily goal, that’s not the point of the post at all, I re-iterated what’s the issue with it.

I’m trying to say that its not a problem, because they have a certain quality of replayability

Actually whatever, just keeep your opinion, I dont even care anymore

If you enjoy replaying them, just replay them. Nobody is stopping you.
They were added on top of the existing daily missions, nothing was removed, I am not suggesting bringing back something you would find more un-fun. I am making a suggestion, in the appropriate category, with a very reasonable threshold for both Ludia and the players.
What exactly is your goal with trying to convince someone they are ‘wrong’, for suggesting something that has a negative impact on literally no one. The 100 coins reward you get for it is like a single supply drop spin

No offense but did you read my last message

I dont care anymore

I don’t know about every other alliance, but ours is always light on defence by the end of the week.

Campaign missions help with the battles on defence so I’m not bothered at all if they are part of the daily missions.

They are also fun to try different dinos on so I can’t see the problem if I’m honest.


Dude, I’m trying to leave this conversation

I dont even care anymore

Also read what @Schtemty wrote

Please stay on topic and remember that it is possible to disagree without arguing, thank you.

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Feel free to remove the topic, if you are going to consider even this ^ as abusive somehow. I will just use the Poll post

Closed as per OP’s request