Remove the level required raid things, as i have the stuff for a low level apex raid strategy but im only lvl 15 and i kinda want hadros lux/mortem early on

id like to do apex raids when im only lv, 15, same with unique ones,

Raid levels were made so you couldn’t just unlock an extremely strong creature at such a low level and then terrorize the lower arenas with apex creatures.

I don’t think I need to add on to this


not really, im in arena 8 and i face up against apex dinos all the time, and by the way, most ppl cant complete an apex raid if they are below arena 6 or 7

Those are droppers, people who go down arenas for easy wins. They certainly don’t belong there.


nah, they were all lvl 18 with base lvl apexs, indicating they just got them

So level up. It’s a matter of weeks anyway if you play the game.


You just answered yourself. They’re level 18, so they could’ve gathered enough Apex DNAs before the level cap was introduced, to unlock the apex at 18.


This is the exact reason why levels were put onto apex raids. If all level 15s had access to an apex it would ruin the area


Mate, let me ask you a simple question, do you have ANY uniques at L25? If no then you should probably stay away from those apexes. They’ll just be too strong for your level.


nah but i have a creature for a low level strat for an apex (dont remember which one) that works

Why don’t you just spend some coins to get your player level to 18 like everyone else???


The level limitations should have been introduced from the getgo as the moment Mortem, Hadros and Cera were all unlocked when they were all first introduced they started creating a lot of problems for the lower arenas and any players who were not equipped with the Uniques and Legendaries that were actually strong enough to take them on.

Besides, fuseable Apexes are now a thing, so you could really just prioritize them above the others for the time being anyway.


because im low on coins all the time because im trying to get thor

too bad, never happening


it’s just a suggestion