Remove the rat filth from tournaments

I don’t care if it’s not nerfed
I don’t care people spam it for fast incubators.
I don’t care if it’s mandatory to be a top player.

After many hours of screaming at my phone, I learnt to accept the existence of the filth.


BAN it from being usable in tournaments.

Up to Epic tournament?
Everyone used the Senior Rat

Common tournament?
Everyone spammed the senior Rat

Jurassic World tournament?
Person with the most boosted Rat spamming Rattegy won

4th Of July tournament?
Arena is infested with the Rattegy.

Tournaments are supposed to be about skill not whomever can chuck 4000+ damage more times into your face which is only counterable by 3 pterosaurs and all 3 are bad in general.

Just ban it from tournaments, for the love of everything holy, @Ludia_Developers

We want a tournament, nor Rat tournaments over and over


Idea for next tournament:
2 uniques
2 epics
2 rares
2 commons
no boosts
all level 26



Come to think of it, not everyone has uniques :slight_smile: Fine, they can use 4 epics. Anyway, let Ludia figure it out. Just saying that all equal level and no boosts is way more skill oriented than the crap that was happening this weekend.

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Boosts are fine.
It’s the filth rat which isn’t.

Without boosts a rat isn’t so much of a threat though :slight_smile:

Boosts only break Rat and Thor though, because both are overtuned.

Not the boosts are the problem…

Yes they are. Speed boosts destroy the balance of the game. Every dino has a specific speed for a very good reason, which is now completely obsolete.

Reclassify Draco as Unique maybe it’s certainly good enough.

I’m like 2500 in current RWB tournament. Got used to being top 250. Changes to scoring and matchmaking mean it’s more than having boosted lvl 30 DC. Even if its the rat killing you and me.

Fact is you are expected to use Mrs Ratty. Its easy to get Mrs Ratty. Game designers can’t be expected to design parallel game play if you want to boycott a feature. Using vulgar language doesn’t make it an argument.

It’s not possible to reclassify a creature. In this specific case, everyone who would have it at a level below 21 would no longer have it?

Except it isn’t.
Indoraptor is too slow now.
Diloracheirus is too fast
Thoradolosaurus is too fast
Trykosaurus is too fast
Indominus Rex is too slow
Tragodistis is too fast
Tryostronix is too slow
Utahraptor is too slow
Echo and Charlie are too slow
Amargacephalus is too slow
Dracoce-Rat-OP-s is too fast
Rajakylosaurus is too slow

Boosts aren’t the problem. They just accelerate the already bad balance. The main balance having so many issues is the problem, not the boosts.

I can go for days.

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I agree with maybe 3 dinos in that list. Most of it is because of the dodge nerf that didn’t get compensated properly, but that’s not necessarily a speed problem.

At least there was some balance, or close to a balance. Perfect balance doesn’t exist anyway. Now there is just none whatsoever.

Earlier today I had a 10 minute tournament battle. Why that long you asked, because my opponent kept swapping into the rat and I kept swapping into Koolab. We were both drawing 2 2 and we got into a never ending cycle. He would swap to the rat and I swap to Koolab. I reduced his swap in rampage with swap in distract. I distracted him. He rampaged. He regenerated I shielded. He swaped to Indom I swapped to Spinotah. Then the cycle continued again. On an on and on and on and on and on. You get the idea. I won in the end due to Koolab tankyness and damage. It was so very irritating for me, but I can’t think of what it would have been like for my opponent, his swap in rampage contiously blocked. He must have been fuming :grin:

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pLaYiNg lIkE tRaSh iS a fEaTuRe bEcAusE mY wAiFu mRs rATtY


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What a horrible idea LOL it can still get a unique, which is a whole different thread and HUGE PROBLEM all on its own, but even wanting either draco itself or a hybrid of it as an Unique just screams out “BAD IDEA”.

Let’s NOT have that happen, geez… game is already so messed up, why would you want to make it worse?



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People who defend the Rattegy always suggest others to use DC against DC.
That means it is a match of whose Rat is mostly boosted. Is this the game? People in high arenas always see the same dinos without much variety. If Rat is a must, then it is even worse. The moveset of Rat and the introduction of boosts make battling meaningless and no more fun.

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If they made it a unique, it would have to be nerfed. Players who collected before it required 2k of each component would have a serious advantage over new players, unless they re-level everyone’s dc for the new numbers. The only other solution would be an evasive level nerf against it. Swap in impact and Regen doesn’t clean the pin, or something to that effect, and then it wouldn’t be a unique anymore.

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Indominus Rex is meant to be a chomper counter.
It breaks the balance to have a 109 speed chomper have a priority move with 40% crit on top.

Just look at the arena and see how many boosted Thors exist. It’s because it has a kit design that invalidates the inherent weaknesses of the class it belongs to.

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