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Remove the Refrenatem bleed or stun from the skill or priority of those skills

Ludia’s guys waste my time trying to kill that boss for that ability. If you’re going to be a world boss, at least check that he can be defeated without a hitch. I use this strategy and many times I waste time trying it several times because the boss stuns me or the bleeding is very abusive for two turns, that is, you lose doing damage and reduce your life in two turns. It’s a very abusive ability to at least give the Diorajasaur some stun resistance. Or if you don’t want to boost the diorajasaur, remove and remove or remove the priority of the Superdistraction ability of the Refrenantem or the bleed of two turns that is one or includes a purifier against the bleeding of the Touramoloch because instead of being fun the raid is torture try more than one, remembering sometimes that the minimum to finish the raid is 15 minutes