Remove the things getting more expensive



Someone else have noticed, that every level your stuff gets more expensive?

For a level 5 it costs 500 cash (more then 5 euro)

For a level 4 it is 470 cash.

For a level 3 it is 440 cash.

Does this make sense?
What do you get every time you level up?

  • More expensive one time offers (multipled by 2)
  • More expensive incubators
  • Same daily reward as others

What does it make it for vip?
Well it stays the same high price.
Is vip it worth?

  • No it’s not.

There’s not many AAA games that make stuff more expensive every time they level up. It’s mostly those big companies.

Really JWA change this, don’t show that your money hungry. But this is next level. I first didn’t even notice it.


The reward / incubator is increased. Thats why it is more expensive. The higher your level; the more reward it yields… So the more expensive it becomes. Hope that helps!


I agree with taking this “Oh you are a high level, so pay more please for these incubators in the store.” I would like to get them from time to time but now with my level increase I am no longer interested AT ALL in dropping cash in the game. Tell me as well on what are the benefits, truly, on purchasing VIP? A free one time Epic incubator, mind you one time, an extra item off the basic supply drops, oh and an enhanced battery for the drone to go an extra what…50 meters in? Please I will just walk or drive closer to the dino. As far as I have seen from the YouTubers playing your game, Ludia, under the VIP subscription, not one of them has pulled that +40 cash. Also what are the chances on that? I would love to know.

I think there needs to be a better balance in your in shop incubators along with a better VIP benefit for those who purchase it. Maybe an extra free incubator with a certain percentage of premium things like, cash (not coin, CASH), epic DNA, legendary DNA, and like a very very small chance of unique DNA. I am not saying put all four in there let it be a two item incubator out of those four items and the wait time can be 24 hours or maybe 48 hours to claim again.


You also have to take in mind your own incubators from arena also have increased reward, not only the ones in the shop.

The only thing i definitely would do; decrease the level up reward cost (or in general just remove the huge cash stack).

Just got level 12 one-time offer. Level 11 was 26€, at that point i was like… OK, sure here is my money. Now i leveled up to 12 i jumped a little (LOL, literally). Level 12 instantly is 55€. You get a huge stack of 7000 cash, 200k gold and an incubator but… Why so much cash? Sure, 4x the value but… I can only imagine higher levels being even more expensive only due to cash. You just want gold and an incubator for the boost; cash can come in convenient but thats why you buy VIP, right? Gold and cash = good VIP bonus. At this point the definition of an ‘impulse purchase’ completely changes. 50€+ isn’t impulse anymore; thats pretty much a full AAA game. 26€ still is do-able if you can and want to spend that amount of money… For once.


I haven’t noticed any bonus with supply drops while being a vip, i mostly go for them with my girlfriend and my little sister, most of the time i just get coins and darts like them, i got 1 time 10 cash and opened over 100 supply boxes.


Ludia has always been excessively greedy.
It is the biggest killer of their games.


I agree in that I don’t care much for it getting more expensive either. I suppose I understand why, but I don’t want to be a VIP paying customer and have super expensive crates to boot when I’m level 10. I most likely wont pay for either when I get up that high as VIP really doesn’t have enough to interest me at the moment.