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Remove These Missions From Daily Missions

Can we please have the following removed from the daily missions?

  1. open 6 incubators
  2. do 12 battles
  3. open battle incubator

Here’s why:

  1. it’s very time consuming and frustrating to try and win incubators to open. Sure you get maybe 3 of the “free” ones but, for the others it’s just not enjoyable because of stat boost.

  2. 12 Battles is a lot when they aren’t fun or fair anymore. I’m about to go into battles and just set my phone down and repeat until I get them completed besides of course the strike towers that count as battles. It’s too frustrating to do 12 battles and get slaughtered. Yes I know I could use my free stat boost or purchase some but that’s not what the game is about for me. I liked the daily grind and pride of achieving high ranked dinos without spending money.

  3. it takes a long time to get 10 creatures defeated without stat boost when a creature 5 levels under yours is better.

Basically stat boost has ruined all enjoyment of anything battle related and it is almost preventing me from collecting my daily epic dna.

Ok it’s not like I have to collect it but I enjoy getting that what used to be easy free epic dna.

If you’re not going to do anything to help us players that don’t want to use stat boost. Please give us an alternative to collect daily mission dna without battling.




You can do the incubators and battles easy since strikes are included…

The battle incubators give coins too, can also use coins.

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I didn’t think the strike tower incubators accounted for incubators opened. They use to not while the battles were included.

But the strikes only give you a couple battles. Maybe a single fight tower or 3. Later in the week you may get the larger ones.

Either way. What if people play the game to collect creatures instead of battling too. Initially I only wanted to collect all the Dino’s. Then I realized battling gave you coins and dna so I started doing them. But now it’s more frustrating than anything. I sit here battling for hours to fill my incubator slots while I could be playing my new ps4 game. Then I realize I wasted my whole evening getting mad at lags crashes and stat Boosted Dino’s. Again I’m not forced to play but it’s what I’ve done for almost the last year now.

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All incubators from strike towers count, even the scent incubators.

Friendly battles count for battles as well.

The frustration is understandable, but these missions are going to be here to stay I think. Find you balance and maybe stack some incubators for raining days.


This problem got allready fixed. The battles as well the incubators from strike towers count towards your daily mission. For the fights you can also start some friendly battles, these counts aswell.
For the daily battle incubator, don’t think this takes too long. this is just your feeling. you don’t have to haste finish these missions. the only time i fight in the arena is, when there is an open slot for an incubator. and my experince tells me, since i have been a long time in arena 2 and now slowly climbing back up in the trophies, that if you lose 3 consecutive fights, you will automatically get an ai battle. so a free win…

I’d just wish they take the daily battle incubator mission out (At least the # battles per day is doable as long as there’s enough events) or please all allow the creatures defeated in the strike events to count towards the daily battle incubator.

these arent hard. in fact i have 5 waiting to open for tommorow already lol. the battles, you can fight ai and gain wins and incubators.

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for my 12 today, i got four from the strikes, 3 from real players and 5 from ai. friendlies count aswell.

I would also love to see the daily battle quest removed from the daily quest requirments. It’s a huge progress wall for me and I hate it.

Everything would be fine though, if they would just add a fight AI option in Arena. An option that is always there and able to be chosen before any matchmaking kicks in. For me, this would fix the problem 110%.

Hell, I would queue up for this even if all INC slots were full. Would be a great option just to check out a new dino you just got, or to try new strategies, etc.

You guys aren’t understanding what I’m trying to say. What if I do not want to battle at all? By removing all battle relayed missions I can play the game the way id like to play without fighting my creatures.

I used to be like you guys and have incubators stacked and ready. I used to be able to open a large number of incubators daily before they made it smaller. I used to have no problems with any of these missions.

Then 1.7 comes out and introduces stat boost and now I hate to battle. I never got enjoyment from it and now it’s infinite times worse. I don’t want to use stat boost even the nice accumulation of free ones I’ve received. I just want to fight my creatures naturally.

It’s hard to get 12 takedowns now when a creature 5 levels under mine is faster and hits harder and 1 hit kills me. Who would enjoy playing this? These are why it takes hours to accomplish anything. Sure it’s my fault for not using stat boost but I don’t want to and I’m sure I’m not the sole player out of the whole player base who feels this way.

I’ve lost over 700 trophies since the update. I was above 4700 and now I’m 1 fight or 2 from being under 4000. My creatures are levels 24-28 and I’m getting slaughtered.

28 stegodeus
26 erlidomimus
25 indoraptor
25 utasinoraptor
25 tenontorex
24 magna
24 trykosaurus
24 Thor

thats a different game. maybe check appstore for that one… geesh ppl… what about those who enjoy the battles?

If you do not want to battle at all, you get no daily reward.

If you do not want to hunt at all you get no hunted DNA.

If you so not want to do strike towers you get no strike tower rewards.

If you do not want to…


If you enjoy battles then battle. There’s no loss for you.

The whole issue could be resolved if they implement the 3 battle modes in my other suggestion thread. Go check it out.

The quote in the link isn’t mine, but click the link and read my initial post.

Why should the game be modified and made easier for you? These are “challenges” and if you don’t want to be challenged then you don’t get the reward.

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tip. if you know the next day will be an incubator day, wait to complete the strike towers on that day. you couldve gotten 3 from yesterday’s strikes before the expire today.

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That’s valid I won’t argue that.

Challenges do not all have to be battle related. The battle challenges were never an issue before the stat boost came in.

Most days daily missions can be completed with strike towers. Only the daily battle incubator cannot. Skip the daily missions on days when you have missions you do not want to complete.

Check the strike towers and postpone ones that do not have to be completed today. Save them in case you need more battles or incubators the following day. A little planning goes a long way.

As pointed out above, you need to be versatile in all aspects of the game to receive the rewards every day.


As for the AI option, I saw it one time and my app wasn’t registering me tapping on it like crazy and it took me to a regular pvp fight.

I wouldn’t mind fighting AI it would be a great option if you could just do it opposed to waiting the 30 seconds.

If you don’t like battles against over boosted teams put on a lower level team and drop arenas; I’m actually using my tournament team (no hybrids) at the moment and dropped from Aviary to Ruins - not an over-boosted team in sight; varied creatures and great battles - filled my incubator slots in no time. Battles, etc benefit your alliance too.

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