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Remove this part of the island

These trees took few space of park and we cant

remove them Ludia please remove these trees for more space in the island

I recently discovered the problem is not space. I had cleared out all my roads and all unnecessary decorations. I have about 1/3 of my cleared space still left. For some reason, the game only allows you a certain number of dino paddocks, and then it forces you to store dinos. Stinks. So space itself is not the first issue. I still think it’s pretty dumb that Ludia doesn’t let us have all our dinos out to see. Oh well. #FirstWorldProblems. Or should I say #FirstJurassicWorldProblems?

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Theres actually a number of spots that I’ve found:

  1. Right in front of the Asset Repository. (2 possible spaces)
  2. The land next to the ruined OG Jurassic Park Visitors Center.
  3. At the back of the park, next to the volcano, behind that one, lone tile (less than ideal, since it’s a small space with it being in a valley compared to the other locations)

While more tiles would be swell, I’d actually like mega-pens, this way you can store multiple dinos in one mega-pen (like the size of the bio-dome) and each would have custom scenery. Imagine the bird cage from JP:III, or the grassland with gyrospheres from JW.

It could even have coin production benefits, not to mention it would save on lag/loading times, since every time I launch the game it has to load in each 3D asset of the dinos.


It’s 100 Dinos max on display on the island, the rest must be boxed up in the depository.


I thought it was 99? Like they didn’t want to pay for the extra coding to allow another digit in the count.


Good point

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Been many years since I counted to a hundred. :upside_down_face:

Well, let me settle this.

I have every base-game land dino, most at level 40. I store my Rares and Commons in prison (asset repository) and placed as many as I could on my island, since I am missing some tourney dinos that I made space for when I get them.

I took as many dinos out of prison as I could, and I came up with 22 dinos still stuck in prison. I subtracted that from the amount of Jurassic Dinos I have in my creature glossary, which is 121/133.

121-22 = 99.

99 possible dinos can be stored on the island.

Thus 34 dinos need to be send to prison (AR).

This is why we need mega-pens :thinking:


Mega pens would be cool, at least for herbivores logically speaking.


Its jurrasic park/world right? Lets get that second island. Make some dinos specific to each island. We could have mega aquatic battles between islands.

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