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Remove Valka's crossbreed duties

Please remove Valka’s Baby Breeding Duties that requires breeding two different species.

There are two major problems:

(1) It is incompatible with the new breeding bonus system. If someone has breeding bonus maxed then the last thing they want to do is put in two junk dragons to satisfy the duty and risk loosing the bonus.

(2) The other big problem is that it forces players to keep ten 2-star dragons in their inventory just to satisfy that duty. Players already are extremely limited with the roster space.


I just reroll. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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It can be a good idea. All of my reroll chances are used on coin gathering duties now because my coin inventory is nearly always full so fight four levels of coin comb only to get 3 energies is a terrible idea, therefore no more reroll chance for valka.

What does it matter what you put in the breedery when it’s at max bonus? Switching to different dragons keeps my bonus for some reason shrugs

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@Plinke Suppose you put Uncommon dragons in the Breedery to satisfy the duty requirement and the result is a Rare then the bonus gets reset. It’s not a huge problem but it is an inconvenience to have to build the bonus back up to max before going for the legendary again.



The problem is that Valka’s crossbreeding duty doesn’t work well with the new bonus breeding system because if you try to complete the duty then you could mess up the bonus.

Reroll should be used to get past the occasional problem duty. There shouldn’t be a duty that constantly requires a reroll.


An inconvenience? It’s a game, there will be lots of those and a two breeding duty is not high on a lot of people’s list right now. I just use it as it’s part of the game so you have to mix things up a bit. shrugs not a big deal at all.

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@CaptWacky I get ya. I wonder if there’s something they can replace it with. Like instead of breeding dragon x and dragon y, they could be quests for breeding x amount of 1-3* for easy chests, 2-4* for medium, 3-5* for hard with maybe a slightly greater reward if for 5* breeding quest since it takes longer? :woman_shrugging:t2: I like having that Valka duty as a fallback when I’m jammed on other quests, so idk if that seems like a better option that way it doesn’t pertain to specific breeding pairs.

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It would be better if they replaced the crossbreed quest rather that just getting rid of it.


An easy workaround imo would be to (1) reduce the crossbreed duty to one breeding as promised by Ludia and (2) just say „crossbreed“, not going for specific dragons. So in the end this will lead to a better variety but not force people to breed for a dragon they don‘t need at all / use 2 stars to get rid of the duty.

Although I very like your idea @Elizabeth_Bounds I‘m concerned that people in lower levels would be forced to chose easy or medium chests if they couldn‘t manage to get at least one event dragon at this point, or even worse not draft / breed a 4 star yet - I‘m doing hard chests since ever and in the beginning I didn‘t even have a 4 star while doing them, let alone my Toothless.


@Bee no one is forced to do anything. They can choose to wait it out, reroll, or choose a different difficulty.

I don’t understand what your saying about the chest difficulty, with the reward difference hard is the only option imo. I’ve left it sitting on w/e crossbreed duty for weeks, breeding 3 times happens once every day and a half normally for me, other duties get completed way quicker, feels like a pretty poor duty compared to other duties, so I just don’t do it ever. I use rerolls normally on 15 levels.

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I totally agree with Bee! What is the point of breeding a dragon one doesn’t need? It is just a waste of time and ressources and therefore the duty ends up rerolled more often than not leaving you without options to reroll other duties. A “general” crossbreeding duty would be a good compromise.

If the app system was smart, which it is not (and I am guessing never will be), it would check what ressources are actually needed. They wouldn’t give you a collect 40,000 fish duty while your fish container is already overflowing or two hatch 15 eggs duties in a row while you are itching for the level up duty in order to use your already hatched dragons and you wouldn’t be straddled with a specific dragon breeding duty that is of no use to almost everybody instead they would check which dragons still need further breeding or let you pick a pair out of some smart suggestions. If the system was smart, one wouldn’t have the need to reroll. Right now one is forced to work your way around some duty obstacles in order to hatch, level, breed and fight effectively AND get your duty chests done.