Remove Visual Effect When Will Not Apply Next Turn

Since 2.0 or 2.1 update, we have some new behaviour about effect durations… i believe it’s about that “attacks” duration, besides “turns” duration.

someone told me in some other thread, the turn now ends when we make a new move.

the problem with that is:

sometimes i see a shield in front of my creature (or opponent’s creature), but after we choose our move, that shield is gone. i can see this happening with other effects too.

maybe you have an explanation about turns, attacks, and some logic about.

but as a player, it’s terrible to see an effect ready when we are about to make a choice but that effect no longer exists, since will not be applied next turn.

what’s the point of see a shield (or another effect) there if it will NEVER be used next turn?


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Ik what u mean, it has been irritating me as well