REMOVE "You're going too fast" sign

And replace it with this one. Give us the man we deserve (With voice clip, it’s nothing if you don’t play it on loop until you confirm you’re a passenger).


That would irritate me just as much as Owen but it would be worth it! :laughing:


It’s for safety. So no. Then again it does glitch out sometimes… fix it, but don’t remove it.

That would drive me nuts

That’s funny as heck, but all I want is for Owen to STOP popping up at 9 MPH! That’s right, 9 MPH! A good runner can move faster than that, and they’re a PEDESTRIAN! I ride a bike, so I can also easily move faster than 9 mph and usually do as I get better exercise at higher speeds.

PoGo’s speed warning pops up at about 19 or 20 mph, which is MUCH more reasonable! Why is the speed warning in JWA set so low that a bicyclist riding one of these can trigger it?

That is the bike I use to play JWA and PoGo. Completely human powered (no electric motor anywhere), very comfortable, and it’s the most safe and efficient way to play AR games. Since I took that picture I’ve added a phone mount so I can either mount a second device to play music through my Bluetooth speaker, or use a second phone to play two PoGo accounts during Community Day.


I like having a “Too Fast” sign, but having it replaced with this would be AWESOME!
I don’t like the warning because I need reminders. I don’t even have a car. But I run everywhere, and I like being complimented on my pace. Owen’s face gives me a good day.
In Pokemon Go, it took some real work to get that warning. You actually had to drive a car or something. Not in this game, though

glitches and too repetitive. it’s a game life old request.

but wait until they create a survey. after the “majority of players” choose to stay current way, with owen glitches and repetitive, we can then have some more creature updates.


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Mainly the biggest thing would be to fix the glitch where if you click on something on the map at the exact moment Owen (or this guy) shows up, the game completely breaks and doesn’t allow you to click anything else/

Honestly if they decide to do this I’d probably listen to the man all day :joy: