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Removed From Alliance

I just wanted to try and find out if there was some sort of glitch in alliances that kicks out members, or if you can only be kicked by your leader. Yesterday, I woke up, saw that I was removed from my alliance. So, I went to my friends list to view the alliance to request to join, but one of the members had actually sent me an invite, so I took it and went back into the alliance.

Today, I was removed again, and still am, but have sent a join request.

The fact that I was removed confuses me greatly, since:

-I always complete my dailies (save for Black Friday because I work retail)
-I am over 1000 trophies above the trophy requirement
-I always donate as much as I can
-I dart and battle even after dailies are done
-There are at least 5 members who are well under the trophy requirement, and once which is 0 trophies
-Tomorrow is when we get incubators, and it’s really frustrating to do all the work you can for them, and be kicked out of the alliance the day before you’re able to receive them

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I am very sorry to hear that. I am pretty sure only leaders can remove alliance members. But other members can send you invites to join through their friends list. Did your alliance maybe have a rule that you may have broken? Our alliance has a strict rule on respecting the main sanctuary that is shared with several alliances. We will remove selfish players who put unauthorized dinos into it. Other than that, I wouldn’t consider removing a member over the weekend just before rewards are handed out. That is pretty callous to do unless they are clearly inactive :confused:

By the way, I’d recommend joining an alliance that communicates outside of the game (Discord, Facebook, etc.) That way, your leader can communicate more easily with you and tell you where they think you are falling short, if that is the case. Just my 2 cents.

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Thank you for the insight! I really do appreciate it!

We didn’t have any sort of chat outside of the alliance chat, and we didn’t really get any sort of communication about much, especially about “breaking rules” (honestly there weren’t any aside from contributing as much as you could).

It does seem, however, that there was a new part added to the alliance description (within the last week…if not more recent), which says “members without ranking breakthroughs will be kicked” which I think, personally, is odd.

I’m hovering between 4100 and 4300, Lockwood Estate, which has a real wide variety of teams in it, level and boost-wise. One minute I’m battling my unboosted 18-19s against unboosted 18-21s, and the next I’m facing boosted 22-24s. And, from what I’ve noticed, a lot of people have been hovering within a 300 trophy range, with a few that have dropped well below the 3000 trophy threshold (another rule)

I have space in my Alliance if you’d like to join. We obtain 5/4 weekly. I’d hate for you to lose out on rewards.


it sometimes happens when there is a whole bunch of glitches running amok in the game our alliance suffered the same fate just over a week ago when for some weird reason the game dumped 5 of our alliance members without warning but we corrected the problem because we knew their contact details and got onto them as soon as it occurred. if you are still looking for an alliance that is competitive with members that help out each other along with doing the weekly alliance tasks then you are most welcome to join our alliance should you choose to.?. our alliance name is this one here below.
Ben is our alliance leader and all of us get along very well as each of us are more than willing to help out when it comes to donating DNA or any other form of help we can give when needed…
kind regards JoeVolcano27 :smirk_cat: :smiley: :smirk_cat:

Thank you so much for the offer, but I actually just got accepted into a really good alliance! They have clear rules and good communication!

No problems i wish you all the best in the future and have a merry christmas & new year as well :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat:

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This same thing happened to someone in my alliance too, except he signed on and was in a different alliance. Haha. He had to leave and then we invited him back in.

I’m the Alliance Leader for my Alliance and every now and then when I go to do Alliance things I get a screen telling me I could gain more rewards if I join an Alliance. So I click the button to Join An Alliance and then my Alliance stuff shows up again.