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Removed My name?


I’ve played for almost a year and now all of a sudden My name isnt allowed? How Come Ludia? What is this :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


You telling me I didn’t play against the real Chris Pratt?! :pleading_face::sob:

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Chris Pratt Chris Pratt Chris Pratt Chris Pratt Chris Pratt Chris Pratt Chris Pratt Chris Pratt


Hey there, @Asbjorn_sondergaard, in order to take a closer look at this issue, reach out to our customer support at and ask for a moderation review. If you can include your support key you would really be speeding up the process! Thanks.


Well it says invalid acces every 3 times ive tried now… :i


From what I understand from a recent similar thread, you can’t use real names.

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I’ve seen a report feature for “impersonating”.
This may be the fact you could be impersonating Chris.

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just have @Dalek62771 speak to support on your behalf…they’ll get it sorted.


Ah, this has also happened to my friend. They told her that her made up user name could possibly be a real name, and that was a violation, despite the fact she’s been playing since the beginning.


I hear you all but the fact is, ive had the name for 10 months, it gets removed and now I someone Else have it. Soo thats not the case. My name simply got stolen and I wanna know why >_<