Removed supply drop!?


So today, it looks like they added a bunch of supply drops around my area. Luckily, one was within range of my home. But within the last hour, the supply drop seems to have been removed… Why? None of the other supply drops near me were removed…

Anyone have any info on this?

My Event drop is missing :/
Park supply drops missing

Haven’t seen anything that’s pointing to why some were removed recently, but you aren’t the first person I’ve seen mention this.

Really wish there was some sort of consistency with where drops are.


I’m just confused why, of all the drops they added around here, that they (probably some algorithm) decided to remove the ONE that is being used the most in the area. They didn’t remove any other ones.


Maybe that’s the reason? Maybe they don’t want you to play from home.


New ones appeared for me yesterday, which was great. Just did a couple mile walk and hit all of them. When I got home I downloaded an updated version of the app which appeared in App Store. When I opened the game after that, the new supply drops are gone. Same thing happened to my daughter.

Yesterday’s update had brought the number to a really good balance, far better than PoGo with its concentration of stops alternating with large swaths stop-free area. I hope they reinstate those missing drops


Same here. The closest 2 supply drops to me were just removed after downloading the patch this morning. VERY DISSAPOINTING as one good point on JWA was a larger number of supply locations.


I thought it was odd that I had a supply drop added within range of my house, only to be removed hours later. I do agree some do need to be taken out, just not one I can reach. I drove down rural roads in the countryside yesterday where there were supply drops every 50 feet, dozens of them


Same thing happened here to me. Is there any reasoning behind this? I would like that back. It was one of my complaints about pogo too. Everything was just too far away.


Same thing happened to me. There used to be drops in my neighborhood so I could take the kids for a walk and still play. And now they are gone and it’s pointless to play. I’m not loading up my kids and driving to a different neighborhood to get them out and walk.


Same for me, the one i my house disappeared. After the uppdate there was 22 supply drops in my neighbourhood now there are 10.


I’m disabled and housebound at times. My local supply drop across from my house was removed 2 days ago But I can’t access any others even when I’m right next to it. It’s getting to the point where I’ll be stopping the subscription for myself and my daughter.


Me too! Very disappoint on this. The removed supply drop is import for me to continue to play. Can anyone bring me back?


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