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Removing boosts

There should be a thing where you can remove 1 boost every 3 days without penalty that would be fair and significantly better than the current system

I honestly thought this thread would be like "delete boosts entirely!!! asdfddoiajriria :angry: :angry: :angry: ". As for your suggestion I’m fine with it its pretty okay (I can already figure out that people disagree entirely :rofl: ).


me too hahaha! I was fully prepared to just do the usual comment “they can’t do that we’re in too deep…”
But yeah I like this idea, maybe it can be once a week, and possibly 2-3 for VIP, but not sure since I can’t tell what I’m doing in this department

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Sorry the title is a little misleading

Honestly didn’t even think about the title like that

Similar suggestion I have been giving before: A token that would allow us to reset the boost from one dino. We could get one once a month. Or we could earn it on special occasions. Ludia could decide to give one or two token to use after a balance update that would be big enough to justify it. Basically, allowing us to change one dino every so often in our teams.