Removing RNG

I understand that some people enjoy the RNG aspects of the game. But for those who believe the game would be better without any RNG, I’ve thought of some suggestions…

Make all stunning moves 100%
It would make instant charge more of a turn stall for cool downs on other moves (while damaging the opponent). Greater stunning strike/impact/rampage would be guaranteed. This could potentially give better opportunities for immune creatures in the meta
This adjustment addresses the issue of never being able to land that 75% whereas the opponent always lands theirs…

Remove crit from each dino’s base and create attacks that guarantee crit.
Critical impact could be modified to guarantee a crit and increase its cooldown to 3 or add a delay of 1 turn.
Ready to crush could guarantee crit for the next 3 turns. Which could be countered by nullifying moves.
This gives RtC users options if they want to sacrifice a turn to guarantee more power later on.
As for creatures who “relied” on crit (20/30%), they could either receive another damage buff or keep their stats the same.
I think these dinos should keep their same stats because crit is more of a quality to life type of stat.
This would in turn take away the opportunity to jump back into a lost game with that lucky crit, but in a trophy/ranking system, it’s much more fair to win by having stronger Dinos/gameplay than by luck…

Remove the 50% chance to dodge or not
Sidestep: 33% of damage taken for 1 turn, priority
Evasion: 66% of damage taken for 3 turns, priority
Cloak: 66% of damage taken for 2 turns, 2x damage on next attack, priority
My thoughts are ensuring every attack is “dodged”, but increasing the amount of damage taken (33% -> 66%) for evasion and cloak. [The damage taken from sidestep would remain unchanged (33%)]
This would make precise/definite/nullifying users more useful in the meta. As for dodge users, they’ll know their Dino will receive a percentage of the damage from the opponent which will allow for more strategic gameplay.

I believe these changes would create a healthier gameplay for the battle arenas. Aside from the boosters, RNG definitely brings frustration to a lot of users, myself included. By reducing the RNG all the way to zero, the community would have better measurement on skill. Alongside satisfaction from taking the time to grind harder to increase their Dino levels.

Haven’t heard anyone complain about RNG since 1.8 so I guess it’s not that big of an issue anymore.
I really have no frustrations about it anymore, except for the fact that magna keeps fusing 10s :slight_smile:

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Nice ideas but Stun should not be 100%. That would be just as irritating as 100% dodge.

The like the idea that Crits are automatically built into some dinosaurs attacks. I’d do it as a +1 cooldown rather than 3 otherwise it’s not worth it.

As for Dodge, I think these should remain as they were before the recent update.

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