Removing the End of Challenge summary screen and putting the info on the Adventure screen

Rather than popping up yet another screen that you can only click “ok” on, at the end of challenges, take the player directly back to the Adventure screen, as per screenshot.
Then animate the XP amount above each character.

Also if you have the character’s XP progress bar under or above each character on this screen, we wouldn’t need to go into the character screen to find out how much more XP is required to the next level. It would be nicely summarised here. Saving time and clicks.
You can reuse the level increase animation, used at the end of challenges here, as the XP value flies and fades above each character’s head.

Ideally if you are using a MVC or MVVM system, moving the UI elements to this screen shouldn’t be too big a job (I hope).

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There was a thread a few months back which covered a large number of excessive and unnecessary screen taps. Unfortunately none of these player recommendations were implemented. Unnecessary taps can be onerous. I am compelled to press on my device screens 7 times to get back to main tab after each Challenge or Battle.

I find the UI to be aesthetically pleasing but functionally not user friendly.

I started such a thread, some months back. Not sure if that is thread you read. But agree, it could be streamlined a bit more.