Rename Apex Ankylos Lux Needs More Personality

Why Lux? Hadros Lux and Ankylos Lux are children of the same father but different mother? come on…

  • First reason, Lux because it is a Luminescent creature? then according to this logic we must go on to name Mortem Rex to Rex Lux because it is also a Luminescent creature, just like the Refrenantem and Ceramagnus and many more Apex
  • Second reason, when one sees the word Lux one refers to Parasauthops or Parasaurolophus Lux, conclusion one of these creatures should be a component.
    Finally, it is an Apex creature, it is not just another creature, give it a little more personality and respect. I am open to suggestions to receive new names for this new Apex that comes from the good Bumpy.
    I propose that it be called Ankylos Valere or Ankylos Valorem, this term comes from the Latin word pattern that Ludia has been using in her Apex creatures, mortem, magnus, lux, etc. Thank you for reading :slight_smile: