Rename/Nickname our Dinosaurs


I am wildly confident that I and the community would love to be able to Rename/Nickname our dinosaurs.

As a comparison to other popular games with the same feature, it would be a fun addition to an upcoming content/patch for the game. This update would ignite excitement within players personalized team of dinosaurs, impassioned to share them with friends and the JWA community.

Thematically, this would tie very closely to the branding and fantasy of the recent films. Having a team of dinosaurs that you’ve trained and named, like Owen Grady. We could have our own veritable “Blue” from the films. There are already forums/threads on lists of player’s dinosaurs names that they love to share, I believe it’s time to give all players that voice and power!

There are such close parallels to this desire and theme of the game. Collection, training, fusing. You grow up with your dinosaurs. You train and battle with your cunning raptor pals, your powerhouse carnivores, your steadfast titan herbivores.You give that bond a name. As of right now, with it’s unchangeable animal names, it’s as if we’re asked to battle with horse, dolphin, toucan, and a seagirat (Seagull-giraffe-rat hybrid).
Whether you decide to leave the names the same or level up a Tyrannosaurus Rex named “Dr. Spaghetti”, this freedom and bond would give an emotional charge to each victory and defeat.

I M A G I N E:
“You can do it, Speedboat! I believe in you!”
“Oof… Sorry, Littlefoot. We’ll get 'em next match.”

I think we can all agree that our dinosaur names would be private and localized to our game files. This would allow the original species of dinosaur to remain/replaced if we were to delete our dinosaurs nickname and would still likely be mentioned in the dinosaurs bio/profile regardless. Also, having the names be privatized to the users device would disallow players from being subjected to someone else’s crass or racially insensitive named dinosaurs when battling or viewing another’s profile.

Please help to make this a feature, JWA Community! I know that they pay attention to our feedback and suggestions!

Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts, support, or disagreements!



I already named my stegos. “The Stig”, Kenny, Bacon, and Toe-Jam. You still can’t officially do this in game, but I still like to name mine, anyway.


Renaming doesn’t interest me. They are what they are so I wouldn’t use such a feature but if people want it, then I don’t see why not. I just don’t want to see my tyrannosaurus facing off against (Expletive deleted) on the battlefield. Maybe do it so that the player can see their name but everyone else just sees the actual species name?


I completely agree with the sentiment, Colin. That was sort of my angle when I mentioned the localized file in each persons game. Only you could edit, name, see your dinosaurs’ names.

I too would personally hate to see any form of “(Expletive Deleted)” fighting against me. The community doesn’t want to or needs to see other random players’ names. This would likely be the same sort of treatment in other mobile games, such as Pokemon Go.

To me, I think the dinosaur species being shown in PvP to the other player is perfectly fine, and helpful as well.


The sentiment has been posted about many many times. I think it’s a really good idea and you’re correct it would personalize the game somewhat but I can’t imagine they’re not already working on it


I want to rename some of my Dino’s. Can this be an option for us?