Rend Is OP lol

Hi guys I got a lot of hate on my last post, but I’m just doing this for fun and don’t want any hate coming out of these topics, so yeah. Today I want to talk about why rend is op to big boi resilients like Geminititan or Braichio, and why Thylacotator in general needs to be nerfed. I know he’s only an epic and not really cared about, but it came to mind that a 40% crit rate and a 0.6 rending attack don’t mix well. If you use Deliberate Prowl, then your crit rate boosts to a 90%, and then you have a 10% chance not to crit, and the odds of that are not that high, so You’ll be taking out that Geminititan in no time. Please not hate this time guys if you don’t like it then please just move on or don’t like. Or go over to JWA artwork page and see all the amazing drawings and art people make there including mine!

It’s not op, it’s countering what it should. Rend is a Fierce Anti Tank move. So it should do well against beefy opponents. Plus with Thylocatator, that’s kind of his entire point. He 2 shots tanks. It’s what he was designed for, and his niche role. He doesn’t need a nerf, he’s just highly specialized. Anything with Bleed/Rend resistance destroys him. Thyla is supposed to do well against Tanks like Gem and Brachi. He’s is a Fierce Focused Wildcard. If anything he could use a slight buff. Plus a 40% crit and a 60% Rend mix very well for his design. It helps even more against tanks.


I never thought of it that way, thanks for letting me see your side


I’m just saying against tanks he’s incredibly good

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He’s supposed to be. He’s an anti tank mainly. That’s his entire thing.


Ok 10 char

Yeah rend is the true fierce move. It’s useless against cunnings because they have low Hp anyway and can distract it and is perfect against resilients because the have high Hp and rely on armor. But ludia had to create a new ability for fierce creatures because they didn’t understand their own creations…

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True thyla is a pretty strong epic


True 10char